Hill View Manor is not Closing and will be offering tours once more in the Spring

Despite what you may have heard or read on social media

 Hill View Manor it is not closing and will once again be open in the spring for tours and so much more. 

Hill View Manor has stopped tours for the 2018 Season as it has every season due to the cold temperatures not allowing use of restrooms etc.

There was a disagreement between management and the owner and management walked out and quit end of the story.

3 Paranormal groups have come together to continue the tradition of paranormal hunts and are looking at offering many more venues during the 2019 season.

Already 2 new WiFi access points have been added one in the chapel area and one in the Mary Virginia hallway and internet has been repaired and is operational after a power surge damaged wiring.

A new roof as been added over the Chapel wing and a general cleanup was conducted by volunteers in November .staff will be onsite at all times and available to answer questions  and assist you in any way they can during the tours.

Hill View manor is also looking at offering Classes on ghost hunting and how to use equipment as well as expanding available equipment for rent during hunts.

So while it is freezing this time of year I look forward to seeing you all in the spring . In mean time we will be doing on going maintenance on the building getting it ready for spring.

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