UPDATE: Day skies over Pitsburgh Turned Red

Well after doing a lot of digging into story my parents told me about skies turning red over Pittsburgh area in 1950's from a forrest fire in canada I finnaly found some articles in a Erie pa newspaper that talks about the phenomena but strangely nothing so far from Pittsburgh Paper archives '

Story behind those unused ramps along I 79 North at Moraine State Park. and how State Taxpayers money was wasted

As you drive north on Interstate 79 in Butler County and approach  Moraine State Park you will see what looks like an off and on ramp which was never completed along the road..
But back in the 1970s they where actually used for a special purpose which was later roundly criticized that Pa. State money was spent for the purpose.

The reason the ramps where built was for the 2  week long National BSA Jamborees.  Once in 1973 and the other in 1977 I was just a first year scout in 73 when my mom took my brothers and couple neighbor kids all in scouting for a day trip to the 1973 Jamboree it was a great experience  and again in 1977 as a member of BSA camp Semiconon  Staff we went over for an evening show.

But I never got to attend a whole week due to extreme costs for a working class kid I even volunteered to work the entire week in 1977 but BSA insist even volunteers pay the full amount which back then was almost $600.00 for the week which was considerable. Back then at minimum wage I was making $1.85  an hour In fact when a storm came thru and knocked down electric wiring and other things in the camp sites at the jamboree the jamboree had the nerve to call the ranger at Camp Semiconon and ask for help from any trades people camping or on staff  there to please come help reset up the jamboree campsites Ranger Joe told them to go to hell.

The State of Pa. paid for the ramps and for the amphitheater and other items in the park to only ever be used by the Scouts which is why it was widely criticized in the Pittsburgh Press and Post Gazette.
 And they where right for so criticizing it. The park was pretty much off limits to the public most of the time including the fact all the time it was being set up torn down areas where off limits as well.
Something no other organization has ever been granted before or after and the amphitheater sits unused to this day.

The Jamboree now has a permanent home in Fayetteville W.Va.  but for many years it was all over the eastern part of the united states being held every 4 years . The most recent was this year.

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School a Crime of Inhumanity against Native Americans

Some who have studied The Carlisle Indian Industrial School  have compared it to being just as bad as the holocaust and while you might say there where many similarities. It was not , It was thou a crime against inhumanity when young Native American Boys and Girls  where ripped from their Families and Tribes   in the mid-west and forced into the industrial schools and Americanized. Supposedly for their own good

These young boys and girls  where never again allowed to wear their native clothing or speak their native tongue and often brutally treated

In some cases some of these boys never made it back home to their tribes having died and been interred here in Pa at  the school but efforts are under way to see their graves returned to their tribes  Once again nothing but lies and deceit from the US government when it came to dealing with Native Americans .

Rumors of a Secret Government Base under Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park seem to be just that

Lake Arthur a man made lake which was developed in the early 60's is largest man made lake and 3rd largest state park in Pa.

It was built on what was scarred and damaged land from coal  and lime stone mining  and included some farm land .In fact there was a small pond thats part of the lake as well as an old section of US422  and a railroad under it. plus there are several old cemetary about the park  since it was aquired land.

While the lake has a rather bad ju- ju feeling for some people and claims of Big Foot  and UFO encounters and some drownings of individuals who went out on their own  to hunt and fish  .  One of the rumors all these years is that when the lake was being built and all the construction was going on that the government supposedly built a secret faculty under the lake.Using the construction as a ruse

The rumor was started supposedly by one of the construction workers who while drunk one night at a local bar spilled the beans on it and suposedly his work buddys shut him up about it. Which is one of several versions i have heard on the suposed base under the lake .

As you can see the lake is gigantic and goes all over the place  so if you where going to hide something you very well could do it especially with as thick as the woods are and all the swampy areas . But as far as I can tell its nothing more than a rumor like many urban legends you hear about mysterious places.  One of the amazing things is the lake filled at all with all the coal mines in the area so when they built the lakes foundation they did a good job sealing off the old mines which once again leeds credence to the so called underground base since the lake filled faster than expected. But thats what good construction work produces good results. As far as I can determine this is just another urban legend of a story being passed down from person to person. I know as much time as I have spent exploring the lake I never found anything indicating any kind of underground structure.
or even reports of mine subsidence which would indicate digging.