What was the extremely Loud Noise we heard while camping with Boyscouts as a teenager in early 1970's in Very Rural Butler County

 An old memory of mine was recently brought back when listening to Stan Gorden  a famous Pa. Ufologist when he gave  a speech at Hill View manor Hill Con as he described a noise residents who witnessed a UFO landing described

When I belonged to Troop 224 In Carrick we where very fortunate Harry Bishop a Business Executive fr a paper manufacturer  and Scout Commissioner  who owned some acreage in very rural Butler County in Boyer Pa.  allowed us to camp on his property some where off a side road  of grub road .

We had  permanent camp sites where  we spent the weekend at several times a year .
One fall weekend in 72-73 was like no other it was mid Saturday afternoon when all of a sudden an extremely loud noise was heard thru out the valley the camp was situated in. It sounded  like some one taking a piece of sheet metal and bending it back and forth very fast but so loud we had to cover our ears. It lasted for almost 3 solid minutes and was intense. Some one suggested it sounded like one of those UFO  in a sci-fi movie . We looked all around even hiked up to top of valley where a previous strip mine operated  and was reclaimed but found nothing , however there was a discolored circle of rock and dirt in the strip mine but it did not appear to be burned. Plus the circle could have been site of an old water tank.

With the area being so large and so remote what was going on could have been anywhere in the valley which was several miles long and 2-3 miles across and thick with Forrest  and swamp areas

Our leaders kind of fluffed it off  maybe military was flying around caused the sound or coal mining equipment  . Maybe some exotic bird ?  but at this same time unknown to us at the time there where several sightings of UFO's in that area of Butler County.

But back then you did not have cell phones ,internet and social media  so people would call and report it to  the state police who would take a report and that was about it., Some times if it was really interesting they would notify Stan who would send a team to investigate, and the area even to this day is still very rural definite not a place to break down or wander if you do not know it.

Was it a UFO? who knows but I will never forget the sound thats for sure and never heard such a sound again . When I run across old scout friends they to wonder to this day just what was that noise.
some talk about it most do not want to admit they heard it all these years later. 

Butler County has always been a hot bed for Big Foot ,unknown Cryptids and UFO sightings  or was it something natural happening from all the strip  coal mining and reclamation going on ? I guess we will never know .

Its been almost 40 years since I was last at the camp some day I want to relocate it and check it out if it even still exists  as Mr Bishop has passed a while back and troop 224 is no longer as well ,  .

The Coal Miners Report an unusual and long running West Virginia Radio Tradition .

If you listen to WWVA-1170 in Wheeling W.V.  4 times  a day for many decades there is the Coal miners Working Report.

it goes something like this.
  "Your Attention please The following is the  3 PM miners  report  of  mines working in the Ohio Valley area. Brought to you by your local coal mine company's .

Powhatan 1# and 2# mine will work
Eagle mine 1# will not work mine  2 #and 3# will work
 Edger mine  1# will not work processing plant is working.
 Consol Mine 1 #and 2# will work

Thank you this has been the coal miners report next report at 6PM

In days past the reports could go on for a full  2 minutes  and it was a very important tradition because unlike other jobs in W.V. miners did not always report for every shift do to conditions in the mines and the demand for the  coal , and the quickest and fastest way to let them know not to leave home and either start walking ,take the trolley or driving etc to the mine was the miners report .
Because many miners did not even have phones back in the day so this was their only means of knowing to report to work or not ..
. In Fact Unions demanded these reports for miners often in their contracts and it was very good source of income for AM radio stations that played the report which it was critical they got the report right or you had miners showing up demanding to be paid.
One DJ told me he got into big trouble one night when he put the report out wrong in the 80s one time 

Unfortunately with mining in decline not as many stations still do the reports but it was one of those great radio traditions to serve the community. and fun to listen to when you where a kid  I remember many times when our family would pile in the car for a road trip in 60s  on a Sunday and go around West Virginia and hearing these reports.

legend of a Small Village of Midgets and Little People near Bridgeville Pa.

There is chatter now and again about a little village or hamlet of little people or midgets who lived near Bridgeville and supposedly mined coal from one of the tiny coal seams no higher than 18 inches  and they all lived in little homes ..

It appears to be nothing more than an Urban Legend and may have been started as one theory goes by miners them selves who worked that thin coal seem on their sides if it even existed in that area as the Pittsburgh seam a much thicker seam  that was worked in the area .

Supposedly there where small houses with small yard's etc to boot.
I know as a child there was a couple places where people had built miniature  play houses for their kids around  the bridgeville area and there where some pretty elaborate  gardens etc with miniature houses in them but an actual village of living small people Not that I have been able to find.

There is a reference to Blue Myst road in North Park and groups of little people attacking cars

Again nothing to it.Urban Legend 

There is also mention of Pittsburgh again in the below article  about a small village of houses but they where several of these around the area one on Pa 51 in Jefferson where small sample homes where built I believe by Columbus Builders.

Which again people  may have construed into a village of small people  especially if you where a young child passing them.

The Midget Village theme seems to pop up not only around Pittsburgh but Philadelphia as well as many other areas around the tri-state area.and across the country for that matter.

Now what people may have been referring to near Bridgeville is Mayview State Hospital   where mental midgets was used as a derogatory term for patients there.
and it got convoluted into a tale of a real live village of midgets again just a theory .

Its amazing how stories get started and spread and there are plenty of them around Pittsburgh which are just that stories and nothing more this appears to be one of them. 

The Day it Rained Bananas in Pittsburgh's Strip District

Now a completely changed landscape from what it was once. Pittsburgh's Strip District has surely changed with the times. there was a time when you drove down Smallman Street and you would see lines of trucks loading fresh produce which had just come in by rail and later large 18 wheeled trucks .

But one day things got out of hand when it literally rained bananas down in the strip after an explosion at the  long closed Pittsburgh Banana Company .which was recently torn down to build condos and so another piece of Pittsburgh history to be lost for ever.

 It was December 1936 when a lone worker that fateful morning  flipped a switch around 2 am and caused the gas which had built up from the bananas to explode ripping off the roof and destroying much of the building and damaging a near by church .miraculously the employee survived being buried under the bananas