Legend of Hangman's Hollow in Penn Hills is there anything to it?

If you have lived or known any one who lives in eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh almost everyone can tell you tales of Hangman's Hollow in Penn Hills . Its a spooky  , creepy and lonely road thru swampy nasty colored  ponds  along old Frankstown Road . I have heard the tales ever since I have lived out this way of a tree in the hollow  with a long hanging branch with supposed rope marks which was used by the KKK to conduct lynchings in late 1890's to early 1920' .
I have never ever found any of the tales to be true  of any lynchings But the Klan was active in this area and supposedly still is and was even supposedly lead at one time by a Penn hills policeman who no nobody can remember there name.  But there have been body's found there many being dumped by the Mob or other killers  and  in one case I came upon in 1958 newspaper article  where a car with man and women was found in the pond . Not sure if it was an accident or suicide which has also happened along the road.

Now tales of hangman's hollow  are numerous all over the country as are the story's of the Green Man  who
was a real person who lived in Beaver county but there is no evidence he was ever in South park in Allegheny county or any where else , all just rumors made up to scare girlfriends etc. when out driving late on a date so they would hold on to you tightly .

Just  like the supposed Wood Chopper legend along Hulton & Indiana road of a man who killed his wife and her lover with an ax and you could hear him chopping wood along the road when you yelled his name . Turns out the noise they where hearing was an old Oil well pumping.
But it makes for good entertainment and we all love a good scary movie once and a while.
How ever there have been real ax murders committed in  W.Pa. area over the years.

Plus Penn Hills with all its dark and windy hollows and gulleys has a creepy feel to it to begin with .
So if you really want to go check out the Hangman's Hollow the easiest way to find it is to follow Saltsburg Road just over the Penn Hills Border to Davidson road go down the road and at the bottom you are in Hangmans Hollow hang a right and go thru whats left of the ponds etc by Golf Ridge drive as a housing plan has been put in that took up part of the old hollow as well as commercial business that has expanded and filled in many of the ponds . Be careful while down there because its isolated and limited cell service should you encounter something wrong.


  1. This is really cool, Nick. Great job.

  2. have you ever heard of the three following:

    1. the Skull in the Wall in McKees Rocks/Stowe Twp

    2. White Lady Road in Ross Twp off of McKnight and Nelson Run Road

    3. Hauntings in Northview Heights Housing Project, esp Penfort St, supposedly located over a small Revolutionary Fort called Ft. Summer, where the graves of soldiers are said to have been disturbed by the development of the project in early sixties

    4. Highwood Cemetery on Marshall Rd, northside. Supposedly an old lady, hunched over and hauling a large bag on her back, was seen at sunrise, passing through bars in the high wrought iron fence far too narrow to allow a human to pass through.

    5. a black stone house still located at Marshall Ave at Perrysville Ave, rumored since early sixties to have been own by local mafia, and had an inground pool in basement that was later filled in with cement - supposedly to cover up a mafia killing.

    6. A double house in Allegheny West/Manchester neighborhood, built by a german industrialist at turn of 1900s. The other half of the house, designed as a mirror image to the industrialist's house, was intended for his daughter. Father disapproved of daughter hiring a maid to raise the grand daughter. He is old-fashioned and feels that it is the daughter's responsibility to directly raise her child. young german girl is granddaughter's nanny. House had a three story high entry area, with a skylight at the top. Child apparently found the skylight, in a crawlspace in attic area,and walked across the glass pane, crashing three stories to the ground floor. The haunting is said to be dual - the maid hung herself in the skylight space, leaving a note blaming herself. That is said to be an apparition, and also, the daughter, at the front door, begging her father to speak to her. he blamed his daughter for his grandchild's death, and supposedly never spoke to her again.

    7. Former gilded era mansion and former Ursuline convent/girls school on South Winebiddle St in Bloomfield. Mother Superior apparently never left. Was a catering place for awhile, owned by Joedda Sampson. I was involved with a theatre company that used free theatre space there during that time, there were many paranormal incidents reported.

    8. A haunting up on Pearce Mill Road exiting North Park, where supposedly, if you are there at the exact time of the gas explosion that supposedly killed a family, you can hear babies crying. My mother claimed to have been to all of these places and experienced paranormal activity. (We lived in the Northview Heights setting, and experienced paranormal activity. I have later discovered that it was well-known on the northside that the projects were built on top of a graveyard and that was the source of the strange activity.)

  3. heard of a few of them will have to check out the others always looking for new content thankyou

  4. One night I was parking with a young lady,1974 I beleive,and we found a lost puppy. It was on Davidson Rd,right off of Old Frankstown. We took the puppy to a trailer on the top of the road,that still had lights on. Took the puppy with me to see if it belonged there. When I knocked on the door,the largest,Greenest,scariest man I ever saw opened it. All I could get out was i found a puppy. And I ran with the dog back to the car. We took off and went to a business at the bottom of the road,on the corner of Davidson and Old Frankstown. There was a car there,and lights on. I went in to ask about the puppy. I mentioned going to the trailer. The man inside said to never go there,and he was deadly serious. We took the puppy to the Monroeville Police Station. But I saw the Green Man. He sounded like Frankinstein. His trailer was across from the Jewish Cemetary.

  5. I was once camping with a young lady,yea I know,this guy was a busy bee. We were by Appalachia lake park,by cheat lake. I had a tarp tied between two trees. Both ends open. In the middle of the night we heard a walking sound. Going around our tent. I yelled out I had a gun,yea right, and it came closer. It was so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.
    I crawled out,grabbed some leaves and struck a match. The light was so bright it stunned me for a second. Then i looked an before me stood a figure that looked like a Giant Bug. Geat big green eyes. It screamed,and so did I. I kept the fire going all night,and you could see it just outside the lighted area. We left the next morning at first light.
    Later,I heard about the MOTHMAN. That is who I saw that night.