Who switched the Account File at a Local police station that lead to police and fire being sent to wrong buildings?

Back before 911 in early 80's  and local police depts dispatched there own officers one prominent community in the South Hills of Pittsburgh Bethel Park  maintained their own  Digital Communicator receiver to receive and dispatch alarms.

It was a high end Silent Knight Receiver and a alarm company  AAA Alarm ( No relation to AAA Road Service )installed and maintained it for them Unfortunately AAA alarm did not have a very good reputation and was known for very poor installations.
 I had a customer Larry Fulton  who owned 3 Foodland  Super Markets which had their alarms monitored at the Bethel Park Police Station.
System worked extremely well and police where always dispatched any time any of the alarms went off.

But then one day the now long gone South Park  Food Land was broken into and meat and cigarettes stolen and  Police where never dispatched.
After checking the system over I found out that the Acron Digital Communicator set for 3/1 format inside the Moose Panel had been tampered with .
At first it was thought and employee in the store messed with it but no one was ever charged and since it was a small burglary .
A few months after this happened the owner of AAA sold his company to Holmes Protection  in Pittsburgh  whose parent company was based in NYC.
 I get a call from Larry one day to tell me Bethel Park was not getting alarm system when he checked it  which he started doing weekly after the first incident.
I went to the store and again found wiring to communicator was tampered with but this time a service tech from Holmes had been in the store working in panel with out mine or Larry's permission.

Needless to say Holmes Protection got a registered letter from me about what was going on and all  the stuff that was going on at Pittsburgh office including when I worked there.
I corrected the wiring  and tested it to Bethel Park PD he said he did not get a signal . I tried it again and no signal . I put my telephone butt set on phone line heard communicator calling  so I knew it was talking to receiver . I asked dispatcher did any other alarms come in and he said  yes Presbyterian church came in  twice. I asked him what was the account number he said #789 I said wait a minute thats South Park Food Land Alarm account number. Apparently some one switched out the log book with account numbers. Bethel Park PD  launched an immediate investigation I got a call from a Sgt. who got my information  and after it was found some one was fooling around with log book either by accident or deliberate  they took immediate actions to prevent it from happening again .I do not believe an officer was involved but a holmes employee
We never had another issue after I found out the log book account numbers had been switched around which explained why alarms where not being received  and why fire dept or police where being sent to non exsistant alarms.

When Allegheny 911 center was formed many depts no longer received alarms at their stations any more and its now handled by 3rd party monitoring centers  and panels have communicators built into their boards preventing miswiring issues.

Holmes protection in Pittsburgh after Holmes Corporate came into town and saw how bad the operation had become sold the branch to Westec which is now Vector who cleaned house and straighten out the former holmes branch.

A little known tragedy at a Cannonsburg Pa Opera house which left 26 dead from a Panicked Stampede

It has been a law for many years  in many states that it is illegal to yell  FIRE in a crowded  theater when it is not on fire. Anti Panic laws as they are known  are in place for good reason after numerous tragedy's resulted in people stampeding to escape a venue and people being crushed to death after some one would yell fire or bomb  etc to get a rise out of the crowd.

This case of a false fire alert played out with deadly results on a warm Saturday evening Aug 26  1911 in the Morgan Opera House  in Canonsburg.
Home to singing greats Bobby Vinton and Perry Como  you would never expect such a tragedy that would tally 26 dead would have played out in such a small town but it did.

The theater was playing several serial features when one of the film strips caught fire in the Projection Booth  and the projectionists quickly where able to remove the flaming film and stomp it out . But in the mean time a young man passing the open door to the booth saw the flames and yelled
FIRE  a panic crowd quickly ran to the single steep staircase  and the pushing and shoving would result in the deaths of 26 men woman and children.
As there had been several well publisied fire tragdys in opera house around the county at that time

This may well have been what set people off in such a panic but we will never know as will we never know the name of the young man who yelled fire when there was not one. 

The opera house would close and be turned into apartments and you would never suspect  such events ever took place riding by it today.

The Demon House of Brownsville Road. many in the Paranormal community are questioning its story and finding it hard to believe it happened.

There are many property's around the Pittsburgh area where Paranormal teams have documented  strange goings on.
 However when it comes to the latest home to be publicized as to being haunted their are many in the paranormal community including myself who are calling into question that events as put forth in the book are even true. 

The Demon house of Brownsville road is owned by former County Commissioner Bob Cranmer
and first time I ever heard his named mentioned was on KDKA radio when he ran for the posistiion
of  Allegheny County Commissioner, however several callers to the local talk show from Brentwood where he is from where not very kind in calling him Cram-It  Cranmer and calling him full of Bull and worthless Brentwood  Councilman.
It appears as even all those years ago he was not highly regarded which is why many who remember him as a politician are calling into question the whole matter  of the home being haunted .
The family which occupied the home before him reported no such activity and none of the Paranormal  Teams in the area here  where ever consulted or contacted to verify what happened in the home which brings with it suspicion. If you are going to write a book on a subject the more verification of paranormal the better.

Photo Credit Post Gazette
 Only  the Catholic Clergy was permitted to examine and rid the home of entity's  and  on KDKA when one  Lay person who claims he instructs priests on performing Exorcisms and was witness to the events  was on the radio show  he could not answer basic questions from Paranormal followers who called into the show and questioned him  and was very evasive in his comments .
His  claim he taught about exorcisms  is also being called as baloney by many who are involved in exorcisms  as only the church has the authority to perform a proper exorcism. as noted by the famous Dr. Martin Malachi in his writings on exorcisms So as you can see the whole incident that happened there has more than a few skeptics calling the whole matter into question.  

Why where other paranormal experts  not called  to verify the eveidence
 if all this activity was going on why where no calls to 911 made and why did neighbors not know what was going on and why so long to release any information  at all  about what was going on then put out a book most haunted places have been well documented before any published books are published.
 Yes plenty of questions . Did it really happen until the case is independently investigated and verified  there will always be questions as to its truthfulness.