Black Panthers ? Mountain Lions in Pa. ? Yes there have been rumored sightings for many years.

Were they house hold pets released int the wild or people just misidentifying big feral house cats there has been persistent rumors of large mountain lion size cats and black panthers. as recently as this year of a black panther along Indiana Road in Penn Hills which a freind of mine clams to have seen a very large black type cat bolt across the road and up a tree.
So whats the truth?
So many weird sightings of animals and creatures in Pa. its hard to keep track of them all.
that there are several groups formed in Pa over the years who study the phenomena.

 So what is going on are there really Big foots and black Pumas and Mountain Lions in Pa;s woods
ask any hunter and many have strange stories of things they have encountered in the woods and while experts are quick to dismiss sightings as mis-identifications Im not so willing to knowing just how thick and deep and dark our forests are in this state and having my self seen animals moving about at night which are unusually large . Like the Squirrel I have in my back yard thats as big as a ground hog.
So until some one kills one and brings t forth or can provide solid photo evidence it will be  just a wild tale or is it.