Sorry Art Bell I do not believe you this time. Its time for you to permanently retire I am tired of the games .

I will never forget that dark cold winter late Saturday night in 1994 when I was driving home alone along lonely Pa. Route 8 after visiting a dear friend in Erie Pa.

I love listening to the sky wave when it gets dark and picking up out of town stations it is a hobby known as AM DX-ing  or distance listening now a lost hobby with the internet and I heart and Tune In apps. Which allow you to listen to just about every AM /Fm station in the USA plus around the world.

I picked up a paranormal type show  out of the mid west called Dream Land and its hosted by a gentleman known as Art Bell.
its a long ride almost 3 hr ride  from Erie to Penn Hills so I caught the tail end of the show at Midnight and then I heard Art say to stay tuned for Coast To Coast AM I was hooked   what a great show talking about UFO's the unexplained etc However I would have to wait till summer of 95 when the local WIXZ 1360 became WPTT and went from Country Music to all talk to start getting Art Bell locally after looking up Arts show on my Dial Up Earthlink account and finding out he was broadcasting from the Kingdom  (county) of Knye  in Pharump Nevada from a double wide trailer

Sometime in 96 he turned Dream land over to Whitley Streiber  but kept Coast to Coast going but then all of a sudden he announces he was quitting radio after an incident involving his son being molested and he being accused of doing it instead of the man who was prosecuted.
I found him and he was gone for about 6 months when here I find him on again after things cooled down. he would have some fantastic guests like professor Michua Kaucua  , John Lear   Father Maliki and others even crazy guests like Mel Waters and his Mel's Hole which ended up being a hoax but Art and his guest just had a fascinating way of  keeping you hooked.

But then Art announced he was retiring and moving to Philippines  one of several such events  where he would go away for year or 2 and come back in the mean time he turned the show over to Mike Seigel who tried his best but he was just not Art Bell and of course here comes another Art drama a letter shows up in a Philippines newspaper  with very racist comments about Philippines  and supposedly sent by Art who flees back to US  and of course he comes back on the air.
He is on for  another year or so and decides to semi retire and lets others fill in on days he is off and of course he comes back on full time. then he announces he is retiring for good when he turned the show over to George Noory and is retiring to Philippines and selling off his Ham radio gear.
He calls George Noory from Philippines one night and they cook up a show for art to be on Saturday night live and of course there is all kind of problems and drama getting a proper internet line set up and show is on some times and sometimes the show is not due to internet problems. Which by the way IT guys who travel tell me the Philippines has very good internet even better than is US in many places . Of course more drama the Philippines letter shows up and Art once more must flee back to the states .But thur agreement he is off for 10 years  due to a no compete.

But then he is back on Siruis Satellite Radio and he goes a month and they cut him off for what ever reason  he is off the air for 2 more years due to non compete then he decides to start his own show on  Dark Matters Radio Network which may be goingoff the air in 30 days if they do not get more subscribers.   But more drama first he can not figure out getting music with out the big royalty fee despite how many of his listeners including me who are broadcast engineers told him how to get around it then he was ready to go but he and his one time producer Keith Rowalnds got into a big dispute  and no show then they decide to yes we will have a show. he comes on and is on air less than 6 months and now a mysterious stalker is after him and he retires again because the stalker wants him off the air.  But he might be back . His guests this last time where less than intriguing some old timers where always welcome the others pathetic. Unfortunately many of Arts best guests have passed away or have not ben heard from in many years .Art is 70 now 

Do us all a favor Art Bell stay off the air retire and enjoy your life either do a show or not set a schedule once a week a month for 1-4 hours and stick with it stop all the damn drama  enough is enough  too many storys  like the boy who cried wolf. . Like the song by the Who goes. " We wont be fooled again"

Ghost Asylum TV Show at Hill View Manor why these individuals from Ghost Asylum are frauds and should be facing criminal action for illegal fire works display

Note: Opinions are those of the author Nick Markowitz Jr.  and not Hill View Manor  its Staff and Management .

You go to tour  Hill View Manor for several reasons some go to have the fun of hunting for a ghost and getting a good scare others who are skeptical to prove ghosts do not exist and then there are dedicated groups of paranormal investigators who spend thousands of dollars on equipment in the study of the paranormal. I go there as a contractor who provides safety and security services and as a curious investigator.

Recently the TV ghost show Ghost Asylum which features the Tennessee Rath Chasers group
came to Hill View Manor to produce a episode for there show and in doing so Not only seriously violated Pa. Fire Works laws but made a mockery of the place when they supposedly found a straight jacket in the basement patient storage area.

Thou straight jackets may have at one time been used at the manor when it was a full time county run  mental asylum there have been no use or jackets on the premises since late   40' -50's  as the facility
was transitioning to a senior living facility

It is one thing to bring a trigger article and set it out during an investigation to get a reaction but to mock those who spent there lives there by bringing in a modern straight jacket and then sit in a hall and taunt them is uncalled for.

Then to make matters worse they bring up the fact of Fireworks and the Zambellis  who produce fire works shows so they get the bright idea to travel to Ohio to Fire Works Store which is open during winter which  is when they where here and most Pa. stores are closed and proceed to purchase and then bring into Pa. Illegal to own or use fireworks . Pa. has very restrictive laws as to what you may use and it is common practice of individuals to go to Ohio to get what they can not purchase in Pa. and face charges in this case they could be facing Criminal Felony Charges should New Castle Fire Marshal so choose because they set off an explosive device with in hill View.  Yes it is shows like this which make those who are working hard to explore and understand what is happening during paranormal moments and events to be ridiculed and laughed at by the public because of the hi-jinks of TV realty shows.