The Dustman Monster ( Big Foot ) of Washington County Pa.

I have heard all kind of tales about Big foot roaming around Western Pa mostly in Fayette County and Westmoreland County which has a long history of sightings. But recently those crazy guys from WV  who produce the TV show Mountain Monsters on  Destination America where in town to hunt the Dustman .

According to them it is a Shawnee Indian legend which goes back to the 1700's of a hairy creature with extreme speed and strength  which roams the woods of the tri state.

However until this show spoke about the Dustman I have never heard word one about it and I spent plenty of time camping in the woods in Washington County as a youth and have plenty of customers which takes me all over Washington county and its back roads at night  and I have never ever heard any one talk about the Dustman. With all the exploration going on you think the gas well drillers would be talking about it as well and same thing no ones ever heard the legend I ever spoke to.

When you do research on the Dustman there is very little reference to it outside of the shows episode so once again it looks like a made up  name  for realty TV .

Yes the Shawnee do talk of the Big Foot creature in their legends  but not of the dustman .

and the few recorded sightings in washington county do not use the name dustman

So while Big foot may be on the loose in Washington County  he is no where near as active  as neighboring Fayette County which has much denser woods .