Laseks Lounge a Steel Workers favorite haunt after work which may well be haunted.

Laseks lounge was the kind of place that steel workers from 2nd ave side of J&L later LTV steel would frequent after work when they wanted a cold one it was also a favorite for steel workers retirement party's located along bottom of Bates Street in Pittsburgh's South  Oakland section. Just a short walk from the now long gone  2nd ave mill gate it served up a cold Iron City Beer for decades .
But when the mill closed in the 90's  it was not long before Laseks business all but disappeared despite the fact the mill site was redeveloped with an office park it was not enough  and they closed in late 90's and it has held several different business since  .
The first time I stepped in was after it was closed and had been bought by a local realtor who hired me to cleanup the electrical wiring in the place which was horrendous amazing there was never a fire.
The interior was paneled and dated and consisted of 2 levels with bar/restaurant  downstairs and party area upstairs. I could just imagine when my dad a retired J&L Steel worker and friends had their party's there.

Years of people smoking had stained the walls in some areas. sad to see it like this you could tell at one time it was a very nice place. but had not been kept up with.

So it was when myself and small crew of contractors started working on the place and when things started getting interesting.

People complained that they felt they where being watched  or seeing strange shadows.  or seeing items  moving like chairs  which had moved after they left the room or hearing voices .
 Yea sure this was all going on my one helper a former marine said nothing scares me and aint no ghost going to do so. How ever when he was working upstairs by himself late one night he did not stay up there long and was soon down in the garages with us which ran underneath.
He said he heard voices talking but could not find them.

Now do to the fact the road is right next to it and parkway runs beside it you have to figure some of what went on like the voices was from cars going by waiting in traffic but when the voices where still there and there was no traffic well thats another story.
We asked one of the owners and a former worker had they ever experienced such things and they said they had as well figuring it was one of the old steel workers hanging around though no one ever died in the place it did have a huge attachment to many a worker who put down a cold one .

Is the place really haunted you will have to find out for your self. when it is open for business. mostly in evenings.

A Real life Boogey Man who travelled thru Pa. at one time and claimed " He eat little children " his name - Albert Fish

Thou in his later years he gave the impression of a kindly old grandfather he was nothing but a psychotic child rapist and killer .
He was Albert Fish born in the Washington DC area in  1870 to a father who was 43 years older than his mother and was a boat captain who would die while Albert was young and would see him sent to an orphanage where his dark sexual perversions would begin in his early life as he would learn to enjoy the beatings he received for his bad behavior.

His mother would finally take him back after getting herself stabilized but the damage was done .
and she forced him into a marriage which did not last which she hoped would dissuade his sexual proclivity's


Thou he had 6 children he never abused them but any one else's child was open game 
He was mentally evaluated several times and found to have psychiatric problems but was released every time.  

He was a very disturbed individual who made his money as a traveling painter and apparently as a male prostitute at times and his travels took him to many states including Pa. where he prowled for mentally ill and African American children who he thought authorities would be less than enthusiastic to investigate claims made by them or if they disappeared,. 

He was eventually caught and convicted and executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing prison in NYC  in  January of 1936  for the murder and disembowelment of a 12 year old Grace Budd whose family allowed him to take her to a birthday party. 

How such a sick individual could go on and do what he did for so long even back then is pretty incredible but his constant travels is what kept authorities from figuring out what was going on.