The good sisters still make sure the Children are safe at this Old Orphanage.

I can not reveal the name of the place but its located in the Ohio Valley and one time served as an orphanage started at the beginning of the 20th century for war orphans it greatly expanded . But then changed from an orphanage to a facility to handle at risk youth and families as more women where able to survive child birth  and the number of orphans dropped.
As time went on the campus expanded and the former orphanage building which had a walkway to the chapel became all administration offices  for the facility  and that's when the fun began mainly on the 2nd floor where children where cared for  and always seems after dark.

Many people working at night by them selves  have reported strange occurrences when upstairs by them selves.
Hearing voices of children or a caring adult possibly a nun  asking " Are you OK"

Then quickly looking around and no one is there.

One night cleaner had a most unusual encounter one night  a picture of one of the residential children was sitting on the floor it fell off the bulletin board he put it back up came back down hall it was on floor again he picks it up and at this point is a little apprehensive he starts back down hall and hears the toilet flush on 2nd floor . Ok there is some one up here working late probably one of the sisters . he turns around to see who it is when he sees a apparition of a child in old style night clothes walk across the hall between the door ways .
That was enough for the night he stayed down stairs rest of the evening.

The children who stay on the campus report they have seen  the priest who ran the place in the 30's walking around at night  as well as by sisters in old style dress  who will tuck them in at night if they kick off the blankets .

I had a strange thing happen on a Halloween night down there in late 90's I was working late and it was dark and I finished  and cleaned up and on my way out from maintenance garage some of the staff where out on this warm evening  sitting on one of the centers benches and I was talking to them when a police officer pulled thru center and stopped to say hello as he was patrolling thru the area  It was then we heard a noise down by the school and saw the  front school door open all by it self and then slowly close.  well we thought some ones playing a trick and cautiously checked it out with the officer and found nothing wrong with the door .

The old chapel has also often been  found to have doors open and close by them selves and people often claim it feels like they are being watched.

So is it the ghosts of those who ran the orphanage and the children they took care of or are we all just imagining things.  good question. But since they do not want publicity about the place I guess we will never know.