There where many heroes during a Horrific Train Wreck in Emsworth in 1905 and the still eerie sound of a train whistle

It was a festive time a train full of individuals on there way to the president Theodore (teddy) Roosevelt  inauguration and it would end in a massive horrifying hell when 2 trains collided  just below the steep hill side of the Holy Family Orphanage  in Emsworth which sits along Pa 65 in Pittsburgh's northern suburbs

Holy family sits high on a shear cliff of sand stone in Emsworth along the Ohio River a few miles  north west of Pittsburgh .
At one time at the top of Allegheny  Ave next to the  now Holy Family  Institute there was a set of steep wooden steps which would take you down to the railroad tracks and the Emsworth Train Station.
long gone Emsworth station

and it was at this station where the horrific crash took place because of a " Hot Box " malfunctioning and heating up I could see the remnants of  foundations one day while working at Shafner manufacturing and asked the owner about it  and he told me about the train wreck and also the terrible fire Shafner  manufacturing had at one time.

The hot box is the wheel and gear assembly also refereed to as trucks which the railroad carriages fit on.

Accident happened in this area and back to right around cliff

The first train on the Fort Wayne and Indiana railroad  of a 2 train assemblage had stopped to make repairs when the 2nd train of celebrants came at a high speed  40 mph down the tracks and into the rear of the first train splitting it open like an axe  and killing 7 people and maiming many more .

The priests from Holy family and workers and medical staff from Nearby Dixmont State Hospital for the Mentally Insane responded immediately rendering aide and comfort  to the injured and dying . 

Some victims where carried all the way up the steep steps to Holy Family where they where cared for.
 many hero's that day including the priests who cared for and carried victims to safety and Guardsmen  and a Dr. on train who helped the victims till there own injury's saw them fall.

Today you would never know there was such a horrific tragedy  just the 2 sets of dual rails of the former Fort Wayne and Indiana railroad which became part of the Pennsylvania main line and now is operated by Norfolk Southern and the foundation of the train station . Next to the river which is an extremely busy track with trains almost every 10-15 minutes 24/ 7 coming from and going to the Conway yards in beaver county

But occasionally when the track is quiet  people claim to hear an old fashioned steam whistle yet no train visible I have talked to those who fish the river along the area and claim a light of an oncoming train but one is not coming down track just the light  and some claim you can hear a large crash type noise.
all of the noises have been dismissed as coming from across the river on heavily industrialized  Neville Island  or echoing up the valley from one of the river boats going thru the locks and dams at Emsworth and beaver county   and being misinterpreted. Yet I have heard the eerie sounding steam whistle  as well and could not tell where it was coming from as well.
Yes its very quiet and  isolated area so who knows?

The Mystery of the Dead Boy in the Box

A traveler along Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia  on February 25th 1957 is driving along the road when they spot a box  beside the road and decide to check it out inside they find what they first thought was a doll but ended up a starved to death boy estimated to be 10 years old . The case has never been solved despite the chasing down of several leads.

I first heard about this on a talk show while working in the  distant Philly area in  2003 when it was revealed that  a Dr. from Ohio that had a patient who told him her parents used the boy as a sex toy. and although she knew details that where not made public in the case the case still went no where .

So for now the case is still unsolved and will probably never be solved.