Kinsua Dam Recreation Area suddenly closed to public over a unspecified Threat creating all kinds of conspiracy's

If you drive or boat all the way up the Allegheny River  to Warren County area you will come to the Kinsua Dam an imposing structure built after the devastating 1936 floods  that hit the Pittsburgh region  to help prevent future flooding . A favorite spot for recreation and fishing


But suddenly last week of 8.21.17 the recreation area was closed by the corp of engineers after law enforcement advised of a unspecified threat and it has since reopened but no reason given

Supposedly the dam itself was never part of the concern just the recreation area above the dam.  

The dam has always been controversial because it uprooted over 600 Seneca Tribes members and took away a large section of their reservation.

But now with the closing and reopening of the recreation area wild speculation is flying.

Was it a fugitives on loose?

Was it a UFO found n lake ?

Was it major drug activity?

How about danger from Big foot ?

Was a specific therat to the dam or public made ?

Some kind of secret government project taking place?

All have come out of this unexplained closing but the corp of engineers and law enforcement are not talking .

If i come across any further updates which are credible I will let you know .