You can change the name and purpose of a building but ghosts still follow it seems at the Pitt Student Union Building and Cathedral of learning.

I first heard the  tragic story of a ballerina when I was helping at an exhibit the Pittsburgh  Mineral and Lapidary Society I belonged to was holding in the grand hall of the Pitt Student Union Building  across from the main Cathedral of Learning Building and at one time was known as The Schenley Park Hotel which saw many a famous guest in its day.

Including Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russel as well as Presidents and holly wood celebritys.

But it also has a sad story of a ballerina .

as shown in a excerpt  from Wikipedia


The Tansky Family Lounge in the William Pitt Union formerly served as the Schenley Hotel's lobby
A ghostly legend passed down among students begins with the story of a visit by the Russian National Ballet where it took up accommodations in the historic Schenley Hotel prior to opening its tour of the United States in Pittsburgh. The prima ballerina, tired from travel, decided to rest before the premiere performance, drifted off, and slept through her curtain call and the whole of the performance. The companies director, either so incensed by her missing the premiere, or so impressed by the stage presence of her understudy, decided to replace the prima ballerina with the young upstart for the remainder of the tour. The ballerina was so distraught that she took her own life that night, ashamed and humiliated that she would be replaced by the young understudy. It is now said if you were to ever take a nap or fall asleep for whatever reason in the Tansky Family Lounge, also known as the Red Room, you will always wake up just in time for whatever exam, class, meeting, appointment, etc. you may have missed. The Prima Ballerina haunts the room to make sure you never succumb to her same fate.[16]
Another tale tells of a ghost haunting the Lillian Russell Room, room 437 within the offices of The Pitt News, in the area of Lillian Russell's former residence when the union served as the Schenley Hotel.[17]
A notable infamous incident at the Schenley Hotel occurred on July 12, 1950, when a hotel night guard went on a shooting spree that resulted in the deaths of two men and the wounding of another.[

Is there anything to the story and legend yes there have been apparitions reported in the Red and other rooms of the Student union but is it students pulling pranks or real paranormal activity ?

Then there is the case of ghosts who have followed  their former class rooms to the cathedral of learning  at Pitt.
An imposing multi story building  built in 1927

 Which as it was being built the local nationality's where asked if they would help in the location and donation of class rooms from around the world which would be part of the Cathedrals
and many different nationality arranged to have the class rooms imported to America and they are now viewable  in the cathedral of Learning  . Except in some rooms its seems the former students and teachers came with them as some are said to be haunted.
as apparitions and strange things have gone on in the rooms.Particularly the Early American Colonial class room

Ghost or not many of the rooms are simple to spectacular like the Ukrainian room 

The Ukrainian room
SO if your ever in Oakland be sure to check them out and Pitt is not the only haunted place also The Pittsburgh Playhouse is haunted as well which I will talk about in a future article.

Did a Black Witch have the power to flood a creek and make a whole family deathly ill in Franklin Twp. Beaver County ? Sure seems so.

When my dad was working at J&L Steel Mill a friend of his C. Jackson  invited us up to stay at his summer home along Connoquenessing Creek  Which in Native American means " Long way Straight" in Franklin Twp. Beaver County. Along Mckim Way.
We stayed on the property in our pop up tent trailer and spent many a summer for several weeks at a time.
It was great  swimming fishing and playing in the woods we would make friends with the Grahams who lived along the road next to  Mr. Jackson.
 They even had a pontoon boat he took us out on as every summer they would dam the creek with sheets of steel near the bridge  along Pa 65   and my dad bought us a row boat which the grahams borrowed one year when the bridge was out so they could get back and forth and they lost all the accessories to it and did not give my dad one dime to replace them. I also got the horrifying call one night that my summer friend Tim Graham  had died from a brain bleed  at 15 the result of a car accident .

Although summers where always fun it was after Mr.Jackson died and we would stay along the creek and visit with Mrs Jackson when things got very strange a family moved in up the road a small distance and the woman  who was head of the  family Betty Ross was said to be a practitioner of the dark arts she was a Black Witch.
One time they showed up at Mrs. Jackson to perform a say-once and brought the necessary props in a baby's coffin. Dee claims during the session she could smell her grandmothers perfume and heard her voice 
OK so we all got a laugh out of it  saying she was set  up and they where playing mind games with her and for most part no one bothered the Ross's and they seemed friendly when you went by there place if they where sitting out. I kept my distance and always said hello as I walked or biked by .
Charlies house now has a garage cut into the front of it

But then rumors spread of a fight Mrs. Ross had with a nearby family and she cast a spell on them throwing feathers in their yard and the whole family got deathly ill that summer.

Then the following year the creek flooded  the whole valley but just high enough so water did not go in their doorway they had little damage while others had a lot of damage. Supposedly again she was behind it because of a fight with neighbors and she spilled water in the middle of the street and read out a curse.

But after the flood we did not see them again  and we stopped staying at the property after the Manz's which where   Dee Jackson's relatives started getting very strange  with their behavior and getting nasty towards us for no reason. When Dee died and my mom went to her funeral they gave her the cold shoulder. and totally disrespected my mom and Dee after years of friendship.

Unfortunately all the little cottages and most of what I remember from when I was a kid in the 1960's has been destroyed and some caught fire and are in total disrepair when you ride down Mckim Way now it looks like a Ghetto and the Flood. of 2004 when Hurricane Ivan came thru  took care of what was left standing many cottages where destroyed including Betty's cottage  when water went over their roofs. when you look at mckim way on Google earth you can see all the patches of bare ground where a cottage stood.
Yellow Pins show some of the missing cottages.

Did Betty Ross have the power to make people ill and cause the flood  sure seems a coincidence then again maybe it was all in the family's minds they where cursed  and the flood that was gods doing but when rumors start flowing there is no stopping them. Look at the Salem Witch trails which where based on nothing.

Blue Myst - Irwin Road in North park is there anything to it or just another legend?

I have heard plenty of story's about this road Blue Myst or Mist  which is officially known as Irwin Road that is  closed but people still travel at their own risk.
Which is right off of Babcock Blvd by the gate house for the lake.
You hear all kinds of tales from the spooky Blue Myst  that covers the road people being chased by mysterious cars and strangers and that the KKK  and Withes conducted activity s back the long isolated road.As well as native Americans who thought the area was bad ground  etc.

All of which appear to be exaggerated tales. But a friend of mine known as Gizmo said he once fished  the side  impoundment  of the lake and  just back this road  once stood an old abandoned house which I remember and he said the whole time he and his buddy where fishing the area there where all kind of strange noises coming from the home which was knocked down . Now when I was young and in scouting program we stayed several times at a cabin on the other side of the lake and some times walked Irwin road and never saw or heard anything strange in daylight .
But we never walked back there at night but drove thru it a couple times and there was a fog like Mist laid in along the road but nothing else happened other than to say yes its very isolated and very creepy but there are plenty of roads like that all thru western Pa  . So after extensive research of news articles of the area I can find no significant events having happened along the road not even a body dump.
Well there where some deer carcases dumped and suspect unknown

So is this road really haunted and all kind of crimes committed along it ?  Well it appears no more than a good story for most part .