The Ghost Line a Haunted Trolley Line which ran from the Glenwood Bridge to Rankin Boro

All the years I rode trolleys and buses around Pittsburgh and in talking with the operators on late nite trips back from working as a guard while going to trade school I never heard about this strange tale of a Trolley line called the Ghost Line .

It was a single line track which paralleled the CSX /

B&O Railroad Tracks and  ran between the Trolley Barn in Rankin along the Monongahela River to the Glenwood Bridge in Hazelwood Section of Pittsburgh. about 5 miles  and was used once in morning and once at night mainly to shuttle cars and keep the line active and not have to abandon it. It served one little town called Ducks Hollow and
It was said to be haunted particularity at night. There is no road along it so it never saw regular  motor vehicle usage

Weird story's of headless bodies being seen and terrifying passenger and  Motorman  so worried theywhere said to carry fire arms or would refuse to make the run at night as testified to by newspaper accounts at the time.

Now whats strange is I can find very little if any reason why this particular track line would be haunted and by whom .
It did pass the Famous Carrie Furnaces of USS  but never heard reports of headless body's or decapitations happening at furnaces thou many men where killed there over the years.  Never read or heard of a Indian massacre occurring or serial killer along this stretch so rather interesting it would be haunted.

Definitely going to have to dig into this deeper to see what would result in the haunting s

Is there a Mountain Lion Roaming around Westmoreland County ?

The Mountain Lion has been extinct in Pa. for many decades yet people claim they see and hear them to this day in the mountains of  Western Pa.
The following is a post from Face Book group Across Westmoreland .

Does anyone have any info on who to contact about a mountain lion in the area? I have tried contacting the game commission several times with no response... Most likely because the Eastern mountain lion is supposedly extinct. I live in a wooded area of South Greensburg. Myself and my neighbors have seen the mountain lion multiple times, and we hear it calling every night. It leaves deer carcasses in the field across from my home. I fear for the safety of small children and pets in the area. TIA.
EDIT: Well, this got out of hand. Definitely wasn't asking for opinions on whether people believe there are mountain lions in the area or not. Just asked for a number to call. It doesn't really matter if you don't believe me, as my neighbors and I, the people who have actually SEEN it and have to deal with it, are 100% certain it is a mountain lion. Come on over and see for yourself if you're that serious about the topic.

Is it possible a Mountain  Lion is roaming around ? Absolutely because there are a several scenarios
involved here.

Scenario 1#
A mountain Lion owned illegally by a Drug Dealer  or other person of criminal nature  had one as a pet and has released it or it got loose.

Scenario 2#
 A Mountain Lion or similar big cat brought into one of the trophy hunt compounds  and game Reserves which exist around Western Pa. where hunters pay to hunt Elk,Wild Boar, Lions you name it  got loose from the compound and is roaming.

Thats how Nemacolin Woodlands originally started. as a private game reserve for the Rockwells and there is a big reserve next to BSA Camp Twin Echos in Westmoreland County.  

Scenario 3#'
Heard a story from a mountain person where the Pa. Game Commission quietly let a couple mountain lion loose in deep woods to hep control deer population.
He lived in Fayette county and when he had problems with one he called game commission who insists they do not exist  . He said OK then I will shoot it and call TV news and show it to them.
Seems the Mountain Lion disappeared as fast as he made the phone call.

So whats going on?

Is there an actual mountain lion roaming or is it a misidentified animal.

Stan Gordon the famous Pa. UFO researcher has been getting many calls about mountain Lions in the area as well.

So whats the truth? 

Was Liberace saved by an Angel, When he was hospitalised here in Pittsburgh in 1963?

Its a rather strange story but on November 23, 1963 the Fabulously Flamboyant Entertainer Liberace was all set for one of his Piano Recital Shows at the now long gone Holiday house in Monroeville when he became severely sick and near death  and was transported to St Francis Hospital in Lawrenceville  section of Pittsburgh.

Seems the dangers of using Carbon Tetra - Chloride  where not made clear to Liberace when he decided he needed his outfit for the evening cleaned and with the snowstorm and time restraints and getting  to a cleaner was not possible. So he was brought the deadly chemical  by the hotel staff which at one time was used in Dry Cleaning and decided to use it in his hotel room.
Now a banned substance at one time it was easy to obtain at any hardware and even some super markets.

Unfortunately he breathed in and absorbed the chemical and poisoned himself
which resulted in him being taken to the now gone St Francis Hospital  which was replaced by UPMC Children Hospital

He was in kidney failure and was given a 20% chance of surviving the night.
But as Liberace layed in his deathbed a Nun dressed all in white came into his room and told him to pray to St. Anthony who would save him and this is exactly what he did .
and fully recovered over a few days.

After Liberace recovered he asked about the Nun but none of the Nuns who visited or worked in the hospital dressed in all white  and to this day despite many efforts no one knows who it was. 
But having read about similar accounts of people in distress and being greeted and helped by people dressed all in white many are convinced it was an Angel who saved Liberace that evening.