The Glowing Tombstone of Giovanna T Cecere

Heard about this story and news article on a Face Book group about the South Side of Pittsburgh which I spent a good deal of time in South Side my dad was born and lived there for a while and I grew up part of my life in nearby Carrick.

As you climb up 18th street  from the south side to Mt Oliver on the last sharp bend on left you will find St Michael's Cemetery I spent several hours there with Boy scout troop 383 putting flags on veterans graves
Not sure the church that started the grave yard still exists St Michael's on South side on 20th street no longer exists the church sits empty and school and convent converted to Condos or if this is a different St Michaels in area .

And so the stroy begins
It appears that with the death of the much loved and at too early an age of 21 of a heart condition that 
Giovanna T Cecere  would be laid to rest but something very special would happen one night  the Pinkish stone marking her grave started glowing 

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers of www. Find A who do all the leg work finding these graves .

Apparently from the article it caused a major stir in the community for several evenings. Even a priest blessing it.  What caused the glow is not fully known was it devine intervention to show how good this women was ? Could it be naturally occurring and decaying radiation  which is known to occur in some quarried stone Possibly. But what ever it was I have not been able to find much out about it.
Most people around then have passed on I knew might know about sadly. I can not find much follow up on the story . But this is one of just many strange occurrences which have happened all over the region. I would like to see it was Gods Hand doing this  Not something natural but we may never know.  If you do go to check out the stone do so respectfully  and remember police do patrol the cemetery and there is a care taker .