They say Reverend Clifton is still at his typewriter doing his Sermons at WAVL 910 AM in Apollo ?

I have been the Contract Broadcast Engineer at WAVL 910 AM  in Apollo Pa actually Kiskimetas Twp  since 2000  The Christian based Station which started in 1947 by the Reverend  Cecil F.Clifton   WAVL was one of the first stations in the nation to offer brokered time to ministers to deliver their sermons .

While the original studios where once located in downtown  Apollo they moved to the transmitter site in late 50's after a fire devastated a whole block of buildings including the studios of WAVL 
while the studios are now located in Kittaning the transmitter site studios  are still occasionally used for live broadcasting .
  The building which sits in the middle of several large parcels  of ground has a very isolated feeling so working there late at night can put some people on the edge. 
But several of the former on air personality's  who worked there late at night claim to hear what sounded like typing upstairs where The good Reverend would prepare his sermons.I have been there many late nights and not heard it but I usually am making noise adjusting and doing preventative maintenance so I can not verify it. However I know we get birds and squirrels in the attic so it may even be them making the noise. But AM stations are kind of creepy anyways because you can often hear voices  coming from the transmitter even with out a radio turned on and strong AM radio waves can cause all kind of other phenomena as well.
So if it is Rev. Clifton staying up late working  I bet its one of his best sermons ever.