A strange phenomena at a AM radio Station a burned out bulb comes to life after electrical storm activity

Yes  if you have spent any time around radio stations especially strong signals you hear all kind of strange story's of people living near the stations and hearing the radio station comes over their toaster or microwave or dental work .One long time engineer at KQV 1410 am often tells of an old woman calling the station  and saying she could hear the station in her dining room coming over her Crystal Chandelier .

So I have my own strange mystery where a long burned out Circle Fluorescent  light fixture miraculously gets re-energized and stays lighted for 1-2 days after a strong thunder storm near station particularly when towers take a lightning hit at WAVL910 AM in Apollo Pa.
Some how the energy from the storm energizes the light and turns it on  even thou the bulbs burned out a long time ago.  It also only happens around first week or 2 of August  but not every year . its been 3 years since last time the phenomena has happened .

 Talk about creepy when you get a call from a neighbor telling there is a light on in transmitter building and you know no one is there strangely also the alarm system does not trigger which you think it would with that much energy being released. 

I have contacted a couple electrical engineers I know and hopefully will will have an answer to this riddle . While there are those quick to say its  rev. Cliftons spirit coming back to light it and its a super natural happening. I am sure there is a logical answer why.