The strange looking basement starter homes some where finished but many never where

Back in the 50's and 60's many people set out to build their dream homes but economics dictated how long it would take to live the dream this resulted in many basement homes where the basement of the home was installed and  roof put over it often flat some times with a peak as in picture below At time it was kind of cool as they looked like mini bomb shelters .

 Then a weird looking door installed on top which lead into the basement . Ideally once the home owners had enough funds they would then Finnish the home up top in some cases it took 20 +years and in others it was never completed.
Such building codes today would never allow such homes but at one time they could be found all over rural Western Pa  ,Ohio and West Virginia.
But as you travel the back roads you can still find one on occasion. Like the one below in Westmoreland County near Latrobe