Yes I actually had a neighbor who wore a Gorilla Suit during Halloween to hand out candy.

Growing up in Carrick 29th ward neighborhood in City of Pittsburgh  I had one of the neatest neighbors My Richard  Lorielein?   who when we where young came around dressed as Santa Claus and visited us kids on Christmas Eve . But one of the most memorable things he did was on Halloween Night he would dress up in a really authentic looking Gorilla Suit and then hide behind one of the 2 giant pine trees in his small front yard
in front of his yellow brick 2 story home ,unfortunately the people who bought the home after he passed away took out the pine trees

You would walk up the small stoop to his steps which went up to his porch and thats when he would pop out  dressed as the gorilla and it was always fun watching the kids go screaming down the street past our place. Now if you where brave enough to stick around he would give you a really nice bag of candy. He did this up till late 60s when he got too old to do it and also stopped being Santa Claus as well because instead of neighborhood kids appreciating him they vandalized his property.

2 pine trees removed
Really wish I had a picture of him as Santa Claus and the Gorilla . Because when you tell people the story they do not believe you of course dressing up like a gorilla and coming out of hiding in today's world you could end up getting shot by some one.  But back then was a more innocent time

Sadly same thing happened in Westwood section o city on warriors lane  where my grandparents neighbor bob and carol would dress up as Mr and Mrs Santa Claus and visit kids all over .
But one night a group of thugs destroyed his beautiful yard display and that was that Bob was never the same 

Yes Pittsburgh's neighborhoods are full of fun loving individuals who only get hurt in the ed and thats a shame but it will always be that way because you can never be or do anything to distinguish your self without some one trying to tear it down or take it from you.