The Story of where those 3 Crosses one Gold with a Blue one on each side you see along country roads in many eastern states came from

If you ride the back roads of Pa. Ohio and WV. sooner or later you will come across a set of 3 wooden crosses  similar to the picture below. You will see the majority of them in WV.
One set I run across is located on US40 near Tridelphia

Their story and how they got their is an interesting one.
They where put there by  Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer  who was from Craigsville West Virginia

 who made his millions in the coal industry and from a calling he received while on a trip to the Holy Land received the inspiration to erect the crosses having liquidated his business, he spent over $3,000,000.00 of his own funds  as he  spent the last years of his life on earth erecting them over several states. and several country's  from 1984 to 1993
He originally wanted to have at least one set in every county of every state. 

I saw him talking about this in a CBS evening  news piece as they where following him and his crew erecting them some where in US. 

Supposedly a local church was to adopt and care for them,but many have fallen into disrepair while others have been faithfully maintained one such set is near a church in Franklin Twp . Pa. in Lawrence County.

You can read more about this extraordinary man who came from nothing being orphaned at the age of 10 to go on and serve his god and country in the links below