US 30 in Chester W.Va an interesting section of road with its Club 30 and Pittsburgh Crime Family Connections.

I often spent  time riding US 30 The Lincoln Highway  over to Akron Ohio to meet a friend and there is a small strip of the W.Va. panhandle you pass thru called Chester W.Va which has a very interesting connection to a Pittsburgh  Crime Family .
One of the many infamous clubs along this road was the Club "30"

I was too young to enter it and it was long gone by time I was driving age . But you hear plenty of story's (wink wink ) about why these clubs where all along this stretch of road and what was really going on.

Well to start with at the time the drinking age was 21 in Pa. and 18 in W.Va. so if you where young and wanted to drink legally W.Va. was the place to go . How ever if you wanted a little action the Club 30  was where you could gamble and where the local sheriff looked the other way.,1708156

The gambling was controlled by the Larocca Crime Family  a branch of the Lacostra Nostra as was gambling in Nearby Weirton W.Va and Stubenville Ohio which are located along US 22

My father and father in law have memories of those days My wife is from Stubenville area and my dad would often drive young guys from Pittsburgh to Stubenville  or club 30 looking for a nights entertainment and my father in law often talked about the bookies etc along water street in Stubenville when he was a young man he would pass on his way to work as a chemist .
 Of course by time My wife and I grew up this whole era of clubs and illegal gambling was all but over . Between the FBI raiding them and politics changing and a national age of 21 to drink legally 
It pretty well doomed the operations but story's of illegal activity's going on persist. and  there was just a big illegal gambling raid in Stubenville.

But lets face it here in the tri-state many people like to gamble.Why do you think the mob set up shop here in the first place.   We now have legal casinos  etc. but its still the thrill of a Football Pool or playing the number  or betting on football game with a bookie .
I choose not to gamble  and I am not here to judge those who choose to what you do in your private life is your business,and thats the way it was with the clubs and bookies etc. The Larocca Crime Family always liked to run a clean game and keep a low profile.
It was not till Mr. Larocca passed away  and the gang got involved in Drugs  that it caught the attention of the FBI and feds in general.Which doomed the gang and its large bookmaking days but rumors persist it still goes on in Washington County by a couple of the very old made men who are left from the gangs heyday.The former site of club 30 now sits in ruins. While other clubs still operate under new names and owners but much smaller  operations than days past.