A house built in Spite of a restrictive Land Deed

As you ride by the corner of Penn Ave and  N. Homewood Ave. in Pittsburgh's trendy Point Breeze neighborhood  you will notice on one corner the magnificent former home of the black hearted  Henry Clay Frick who was a Coke and Steel Robber Baron but on the opposite corner sits a small non descriptive home built of sand stone siding.
 Out of place in a community of big imposing houses it has become known as "The Spite House  "
In other words it was built out of spite to ignore and refute those who where trying to keep the corner open and un built.
Thou one full house today this was not always the case.

As the city council at the time would not allow the home to be built the owner William A. Miller got around them by building 3 small basically boxes about the size of a small tourist cabin   which he lived in and could be seen running back and forth from for many years  until the entire structure was enclosed  with the current sand stone exterior some time in early 60's   The  home now appears to be empty and possibly up for sale. and is enclosed in overgrown Pine Trees.  Thousands ride by this home everyday and have no idea the battle or significance of the little non descriptive home .I would not have known either except for story's told by my parents who got to see the house when it was 3 separate buildings.

Now overgrown with trees it was once fully visible