Was McKees Rocks doomed by a curse when an Indian Burial Mound was Desecrated?

In the late 1800's some young boys discovered some bones while digging in a hill side in McKees Rocks along the Ohio river just outside of Pittsburgh  and further exploring paid for by Andrew Carnegie would reveal it was a burial  mound for a long ago Indian tribe the Adenas .
Instead of the residents backing up and replacing the bones and leaving it alone like you would a cemetery they desecrated it by digging into it and putting business and homes on it .
Ever since that day long ago McKees Rocks has seen many Fires caused by accident and arson and horrific explosions and Industrial Accidents like no where else.
Many are quick to blame a curse put upon the people of McKees Rocks for disturbing the mound .

In reality when you look at all of the incidents its mans own greedy, uncaring  hand of stupidity and ignorance  involved putting money above human life.
 The Pressed Steel Car Company where conditions where so bad a person a day died there  is just one of many examples .

Just look at this sample hit from Google news all the fires and explosions which have happened in Mckeesrocks 

 But the curse makes for a good story and maybe there is something to it just look how many young boys  have drowned and or disappeared in the area. All I know is I work in the Bottoms of McKees Rocks as the area is known and will never be involved with the mound ever than to pay it reverence it deserves  as there may well be more remains of Indians in there. It needs to be restored and remains returned  to there eternal rest but I do not see that happening any time soon as long as money is involved.

 Of course the death of one of the Bryans in a fall and a couple fires and explosions at Bryans plants over the years  keeps the curse alive in many peoples minds because they where the ones to cut into and chop up much of the mound .


Mound as it looks today

Below is pictures and links involving the mound decide for yourself .Is McKees Rocks actually cursed for having disturbed the mound?


Pine Creek Flood of 1986 was like a flood never seen before and one man never came home and is still missing

There has been flooding along Pine creek since settlers first moved to the area but in 1986  it would turn out to be a killer as 8 people lost their lives and one man William Gamble would never be seen again.

I remember that day well and its continual  bolts of lightning striking bolt after bolt after bolt hitting all over the north hills as I looked to the north hills from my home.
I had customers with lighting damage to there equipment I could not get to because so many roads where cut off by flooding and I would have to wait til the next day .
What I saw was horrific as I went thru Etna along route 8 and they where pulling vehicles out.
They where also looking for William Gamble and not find him some one even took an old 3 wheel Unimog  and early ATT  into creek to look but gave up after the tires flattened .
Some suggested he did not drown but decided to disappear and use the flooding to his advantage but he has never been heard from again and no man leaves his tools and money behind.
He very well could have been carried all the way down 8 and thru Etna to the river there was that much water moving.
No bones nor any trace of William has ever been found and there have been several stream improvements and dredging done to prevent it from happening again. But no closure for the family of William Gamble .

Who or What attacked our scout group while camping at Camp Semiconon in summer of 1977 in Butler County ?

My first job just out of High School was working on the Camp Staff at  the now long closed  Camp Semiconon in Connoquenessing Twp. Named for the creek which runs thru it by local Indians the word means" Long Straight way" it was part of Allegheny Trails Council now known as Laurel highlands Council and just as worthless.

I was hired as a Voyager and assistant to Camp Range Joe Huburda a really great guy whose family would get screwed in the rend by the council when he unexpectedly died.
I would take groups of scouts and their leaders on what was known as Shoe & Canoe a small version of the Boot & Paddle program run out  now gone Camp Tionesta  it was a  7 mile hike to Lake Author we would then canoe 2 miles across set up camp stay overnight and repeat in the morning.
When not doing this I would help the ranger maintain the camp along with 3 other scouts.
As a break in the first scouts we would work with would be Webelow Scouts 10 years old and 1 year from becoming boyscouts. I and another scout  was assigned a group of boys to supervise during the week.
Area has greatly grown up and changed over 30+ years 

Everything went good the first night . But the second night something went very scary and bizarre.
Our camp site was across the small feeder creek  and by it self. We where sitting at camp fire and it was pitch black when a stone came into camp hitting a scout  some one had thrown  a quick look around  with flash lights can not find anything.
Then it happened again 5 more times at this point the stones where getting bigger  I grabbed up the kids and got them  to  the camp lodge  and got the camp leader to come up to site to check things out we saw nothing and as he was asking me questions an even bigger rock came into the campsite hitting the fire pit. With that we took off back to the  lodge and brought all the webelow's and staff to lodge for safety and Pa. State Police where called 2 troopers in a unmarked car responded.  They looked and could find nothing either  and decided it was probably locals playing games .
But we decided it would be safer to keep kids in lodge for the night. That morning we looked around stones where everywhere and we climbed up the hill looking to see if it where locals playing a trick but it would have been impossible for them to do it  and sneak down in the dark.

So what could it have been? I have had it suggested we encountered a Big foot Attack but we heard nothing
but they are known supposedly for throwing rocks at cabins and such and disappearing .
 Witches Black Magic there has always been rumors of dark magic and satanic rituals  going on in the deep woods  but nothing ever substantiated than kids playing around .
Was it some one on staff playing tricks maybe but everyone was accounted for including the rangers 2 sons.
If it was locals how where they getting around in pitch black and not making a sound.
As far as I know there was not another incident like this at the camp but heard it from other scouts in other councils when I talked to them at jamboree about similar things happening to them. . But that was also year they announced
they where closing Tionesta which I helped to tear down and year they announced camp heritage was being built in Fayette County also known as Fayettenam  for a reason .Because of all the violence that goes on in that county with the highest amount of poverty in the state and its mountain people and inbreeds. yes you can definitely hear banjos playing in that county.
During the presentation of the new camp that fall  I asked what security precautions where taking place at camp and they  basically shook it off saying its so remote no one should bother any one after everyone knew what happened at Semiconon Some scout leaders started carry concealed hand guns and did not like answers they where getting as well. But like I said that's the useless council for you.
Even thou earlier that summer all of scouting world would be shocked when 3 Girl Scouts where raped and murdered in a camp as they slept.which was same week we had problems at Semiconon coincidence.  Needless to say sleeping in the woods would change for ever. I always kept a weapon close while camping after that and even to this day I am always on guard in the woods.


To this day scouts are still camping and hiking and nothing is being done to insure their safety.

16th Street Bridge Construction Superintendent goes missing in 1921 and no trace ever found

I have always been a fan of narrator and author David McCullough  who is from Pittsburgh  I even use to buy from his family's electrical supply business before it closed and when the 16th street bridge which goes from  Pittsburgh Strip District to North Side  was being named for him   The Post Gazette did some research on the bridges history and  came across the mysterious disappearance of M. C. Sparks the superintendent in charge of building the bridge .


I never knew about till I read it in the Post Gazette.
but people going missing along our 3 rivers or drowning in them is nothing new.
When I worked for  Burns International detective Agency as a guard  one of the places was an old forge  that went out of business and before that it was the Pressed Steel Car Company which made rail cars and had a horrendous reputations for accidents and deaths.While working the assignment you would find all types of people walking up the railroad tracks along the river beside the plant. Kids playing teens up to no good the homeless,drifters and vagrants and other undesirables  . You always had to stay on your guard its like that today and in when the 16th street bridge was being built.

It seems like the rivers just attract this bunch just like Walmarts do.
and in M.C.Sparks case it was even more dangerous time along the rivers in 1921  with labor strife everywhere.
did he fall off into the river very possible they did not have the harnesses and safety systems in place like today.Did he commit suicide its possible he was a shell shocked WWI vet  Was he attacked killed and then dumped in river that's more likely. But we will never know till remains are found some day and thats highly unlikely .
Like I always say the storys these 3 rivers would tell if ever dried up and dug up.