The Deadly section of Pa State Route 28 where many fatal wrecks have occurred even after the road has been improved many times and St Nicholas Croatian Church has been removed

Ever since I was a Kid it seems if there was a serious or fatal wreck it always happened right in front of or close to the former St Nicholas Croatian Church along Pa state route 28 in Pittsburgh's North Side

One of the worst happened on December 5, 1952 at midnight when a car crashed into a home next to the church shearing off a gas line and causing an explosion killing 6 children who where in their beds
the parents where not harmed by some miracle 
 The picture above was day of their funeral  at St Nicholas.

While this stretch of Pa. 28 also known as E. Ohio Street has been widened and cement crash barrier installed Fatal wrecks still occur the most recent occurring several weeks ago when 2 -24 year old young women where killed in a head on crash after one was confused and came onto the south bound lanes the wrong way.

Some say there is nothing to it but  Pa .28 is just a bad road with bad design and people constantly speeding .They even moved the church further back into the hillside in 20's to improve the road. But Then when a fatal happens on that stretch of road. why Does it happen in front of the church? There where at least 2 accidents involving tractor trailers getting tangled up and resulting in fatal wrecks along with at least a dozen others.

I can find nothing in the history of the church and its construction  which would lead to some type of anomaly occurring there .If anything it was built there with love because of the natural protection the hill side provided .

Of course now its long gone replaced by a walking path and small memorial to the church
Is something evil going on is that stretch cursed by an Indian spirit ?  a natural anomaly we will probably never know. But the accidents keep happening even after the church has been torn down and road improved.