A strange little structure high on a hill in Fayette County . Whats was its purpose?

It sits high on a hill along US-119 a short distance from Smithfield Pa.

 Strangely all by it self with no road or path to it. and a single telephone pole with nothing attached beside it.
 Its not a church or one room school and at one time it appears to have served as the site for Fayette County 2 way radio repeaters for police and fire services , until service was upgraded and moved to a newer tower.
Which explains the telephone pole which had many antennas on it at one time .

Was it possibly used as a rangers observation tower for Forrest fires? Surely possible as high as it sits or it was just made fancy instead of the usual plain looking transmitter huts . Either way its one of those unique pieces of history still being preserved and luckily not lost to history and with a story to tell.