As you travel out I-279 North thru the Northside and pass the old KDKA TV tower it looks like it was never finished but at one time it actually was?

Yes the tower looks like it was never finished with its big bright white ball that says KDKA on it as you go out I -279 East Street Valley Expressway also known as Parkway North. but at one time it actually was a completed 500 foot free standing tower.
 That was until a terrific wind storm came by in 1955 and blew the tower over and it was  left with just the bottom base in place after it was cleaned up.
The reason most people do not remember it getting knocked over is because no one got hurt or killed and not much damage other than the tower occurred.

We have been very lucky when it comes to towers staying in place and not being damaged however at least twice some one deliberately cut the guy wires and destroyed the towers of WAMO in Reserve Township. But all in all Pittsburgh has an excellent record for how they build and maintain towers. 

An Older Couple in a Home covered with Strange Illuminati Markings in E. Carnegie. The home is gone . .Where are they now ?

I would have never known this home ever existed at Alter St and Bert Way had I not been called to do some work at a nearby personnel care E. Carnegie a part of the city of Pittsburgh that borders Scott Twp. and Carnegie.Boro 

In the end of  alleyway behind the care home was a simple white clapboarded house with a yard filled with debris and an older white couple who where sorting it. . But what seemed to be a hoarding situation had a strange twist the home was covered with all kind of strange Illuminati and  Free Mason type symbols the all seeing eye, the masons compass , the pagan pentacle  etc .
The home did not appear to have utility's possibly just electric as they used wood to heat and they where hauling in jugs of water. 
Rather strange I thought till one day the couple saw the Personnel Care home had a pile of  walkers and other scrap metal outside and the couple asked if they could take it the owner agreed and I got to talk to them for a few minutes never learned their names but they said they where on disability and scrapping by where they could  by picking up scrap metal and such for recycling they had an old ford pickup failing apart they held together with tape and bailing wire literately.

Thats when I asked them about the symbols on their house and they started telling me all about how government was suppressing us all how they where being assaulted by radio beams ,fluoride in the water etc. Yes you name it they where full conspiracy believers even gave me some CD Disks I still have on all kind of conspiracy's.  ,but they where harmless and never ever bothered anyone but had made their home a Bill Board of their beliefs.

Apparently the City had enough and I came by to do work at the Personnel care home and the yard was cleaned up and home freshly painted and up for rent  and 6 months later it had been torn down now just an empty lot which I thought strange why bother cleaning it up if your going to tear t down but it must have been too bad a shape for any home flipper to want it. All there is now is an empty lot and some trees you would never know such a home and the couple who lived there ever existed.

The Thunder Bird Boatel an old show boat that sat along the Allegheny river in Ohara twp pa. which had a notoroius ending.

There is nothing now but a couple pilings along the Allegheny River where the Thunderbird  Boatel once sat.
along River Road in Ohara Twp. at an angle across from the Oakmont Yacht Club  a big white old fashioned side wheeler it sat along River Road for several decades and hosted numerous musical acts
as well as  dinner party's and events .

But with the loss of a newer generation not wanting to dress up and go to a show and dinner  the Boatel ended up closing  in 1967and sitting empty for many years  till it became a notorious private  gay bondage club apparently  when it was raided by the Allegheny County Police for under age drinking and sealed its fate never to open again. I remember the headlines flashing across KDKA late evening news many people where shocked at the time in late 70s when the raid took place. Eventually in early80's it was towed down river and as far as  I can determine and
was scrapped.  Its hard to find anything online about the boatel and of course memory's are fading as well.
With its notorious past its not hard understanding why . Apparently not everyone was a fan of it sitting there as several neighbors complained to Ohara twp about noise from party's and lack of parking .

Unfortunately its another piece of lost history in the Pittsburgh region and for some people good reason  one of those what happens in Vegas stayed in Vegas situations.

Yes there actually was a Transylvania Bible School in Pennsylvania

Transylvania Bible School sure conjures up images of a college vampires would attend but this was not the case it was a very serious bible study school located on Freeport Road the Old Pa route 28
in Slate Lick  Armstrong County.
Started by the Dr. Harry Shilling in 1938  -45

In what started out as a camp ground ,gas station etc.  and grew into a beautiful historic stone 3 story learning  facility which still stands to this day  and is now known as Biblicle Life Institute

I still remember the road side sign along modern route 28 which proudly proclaimed Transylvania Bible School   back in 60s  which was there for many years. and always wondered about the place till finnaly when i was able to drive on my own I drove up the old 28 Freeport road and found it.
people don't believe you when you tell them their was just such a place named Transylvania Bible School but for any one who lived in Armstrong ,Butler County area  at the time they would remember that road sign had they traveled down Route 28.