The strange abandoned cement ponds in South park which where once swimming pools complete with water fall

If you go up behind the Stone Manse in South Park in Allegheny County Pa. you will find several shallow  cement ponds complete with water fall  emptied and abandoned in early1960s. and now overgrown and forgotten. maybe your grandparents talked about swimming there.

Up until the time they where permanently shit down they where a favorite place for young children to go swimming I went there with my 2 younger brothers several times until the county closed the ponds due to several reasons.

First the ponds had no filtration or treatment to the water and spread of disease was a worry.

2nd they where always being vandalized as they had no fence around them and illegal late night party goers would throw glass beer and wine bottles into the ponds .

 You would have to be in your 50s. to say you swam there but what a neat experience it was
especially getting to play around the water falls. I remember a couple kids brought a plastic boat to the pond which was from a promotion for Chicita bananas one time which stores had on display.

Just one of the great memories I will have that younger generations will never ever know .