Said to be The Most Haunted House in America ? it was nothing but a Lie The Congelier House on Pittsburgh's North side

before they redid the north side approaches to the West End Bridge  in Pittsburgh there sat a house  near an intersection where there where many horrific accidents.
This house would go on to be called one of the most haunted houses in America.

The first I heard of the Victorian era Congelier  House on Ridge ave  was on KDKA TV where a former KDKA personalty  Beth  E. Trapani wrote a book about hunted pittsburgh sites

It told of horrific story's of a mad scientists working out of the home and headless women's body's being found . How Thomas Edison had come to examine the house

How a gas worker was killed by an unknown force  and how the house was destroyed and dissapered  in a violent natural gas tank explosion  .

the whole story thou appears to be nothing more than a string of lies thou. 

 Because I still remember the house standing when I was a kid and the explosion was in 1927 it  was not of significant style and looked more like one of the many common row houses for the time period

So who ever or where ever this story came from appears to be the real mystery.