A very strange and random attack of a Music Store owner leaves more questions than answers in Bethel Park Pa.

Imagine you are working in your long time music store and its a beautiful day outside everything is going well until a middle age man walks into your store looks at one of the guitars you have on display  he looks it over leaves  then goes out to his car grabs a big wooden stick  and then starts to  attack you apparently for no known reason.
Well it happened a couple of years ago in Bethel Park Pa.

When a 31 year old Andrew Moore walked into the Armens Music Store along Library Road  Pa 88 and he would attack the stores owner  Alfred Armen  with a wooden stick and then his wife Silvia at which time Mr Armen is able to stop the attacker when he pulls out a hand gun and shoots him dead. leaving the Armen's beaten and injured

I passed this store many times in my travels and this is the last thing I would ever had thought would have gone on but it did.
Had Mr. Armen not been able to draw his fire arm it may well have ended with them dead and  I would be writing an article instead on their mysterious deaths .  For as far as the police have been able to find out it was a totally random crime and in the end Mr. Armen was not charged with the killing as it was determined to be self defense

As far as Mr. Moore police did an extensive investigation into him and his mental health and other than him buying some guitar strings many years before he had no interaction with the Armen's. Who at the time of the incident did not recognize him.

Was it Robbery? Had they offended him or friend  in the past  and this was payback?  did he just Snap ? would he have gone on to hurt others after fleeing ? we will never know what was in Mr. Moore's mind that day and we can only speculate.  Either way it was a horrifying incident  the communities and the family's had to deal with and hopefully have healed as time has passed.  But it teaches a very important lesson about mental health issues why they need to be taken seriously and proper treatment made available  when needed instead of the archaic system we now have in the area and it also teaches lessons about  crimes and there randomness that they can happen anywhere to any one at any time even in the quiet community of Bethel Park.  It also goes to prove how you must always be on your guard and with who you interact with. For years later there could be deadly consequences.