There was once two community's of Seven Springs one in Westmoreland and a long gone one in Beaver County

Yes it is amazing how many community's in Pa. have the same name . Some one tells you they are from Pulaski Pa.  you have to ask the one in Lawrence County or Beaver County and while Penn hills is a well known suburb east of Pittsburgh there is also a Penn Hills in Pocono's section of Pa. same goes for two Nemacolins and two Donegals

So it is not surprising there would be a 2nd Seven Springs . This very small town was located along  Pa 18 in Beaver County and if you go along the road today you know it as the  little Racoon  State Park area  known as Franfort Mineral Springs  where a hotel once stood and the whole town was a little bigger than a postage stamp.

The entire town was no more than 1/2 mile square and consisted of the hotel and a couple homes. and barns etc. and its name disappeared in early 80's when repairs where made to Pa 18 & Us 30 and the sign pointing to Seven Springs was taken down. and like the article published in newspapers at the time Penn Dot predicted the name would be lost to history with in a generation and it has .The Franfort Mineral Springs site is now part of Hanover Twp.

  Thou the bigger Town of Frankfort Springs  up the road  got its name for the hotel Resort .Where the hotel sat was actually named Seven Springs for the fact this is where the Seven different Springs converged and where the towns name came from  The Seven springs where said to have healing powers the one even had natural magnesia in its contents and was bottled as a healing cure. Many who visit think the area is haunted as some report seeing Orbs etc or hearing voices or feel they are being watched while many feel nothing at all.

It could well be the spirits of indians watching over you as native Americans knew of the place and its healing waters.