The Worst massacre in US of those of the Jewish Faith Right here in Pittsburgh Pa. was no surprise or shock to me I expected it. Let me tell you why.

 Let me tell you about why I am not surprised why that gunman walked in to New Life Temple and tragically and coldly  took 11 lives .
If you spend any time around the Jewish or African American Communities around Pittsburgh You will here the term Pittsburgh Mississippi . No not a town in the state of  Mississippi.
 They are referring to The City of Pittsburgh  and how they feel living here like its a city in the deep south . I know exactly how they feel.
 Even Thou I have not one drop of Jewish Blood  in my body I do have a last name with a Jewish spelling this came about because when my Grandfather Markowitz came from the Ukraine he could sign his name and was automatically thought to be Jewish not the son of a peasant farmer by immigration officials on Ellis Island . Most peasants could only make there mark on papers and not sign full name.
 Having the last name Markowitz I have felt the full effect of Antisemitism in this city even being called a kike on the job and denied employment in the trades or felt or heard on the job..

Something I have never experienced or felt outside of the Pittsburgh region or many states I regularly travel.

It has been so bad at times I had to take the Penn Hills #224 Volunteer Fire Dept before the Pa. Human Relaxations Commission. because of those Anti Semites who where in the dept. who tried to hurt me knowing I had a bad leg and they put a smashed pop can in my fire boots and even small nails.

You just need to ride around Penn hills and Plum Boro and you will find over a dozen homes flying confederate flags .

Travel up US 22 to Blairsville on the weekend to Jonnet Flea market and inside and some times outside you will find vendors selling KKK emblems and stickers and other memorabilia I have even seen Buddy Black and George Foster known KKK leaders walking around the market at times.

Did you know W Pa. has  one of the highest concentrations of hate groups and membership in the country ? Look it up.

I was recently at a customers business who has a large ware house on Neville Island and who has several African Americans who work and drive for them I have became friendly with them over time and when I walk in they say high we shake hands ask how things are going etc. and a Driver from an outside vendor walked up to me and asked me why I was being friendly with that N word .

He was told to get in his truck and leave Im over 6ft 200 pounds so he did not give me an argument  I wont tolerate it and neither will my customers .

When I got gas this summer at a gas station in Penn Hills a white man walked up to me after seeing a young African American girl  cut off another driver and he goes to me did you see that? I said yes he then goes into a explicit speech about her being to dumb to be a slave they would have just killed here down south.  I said her being inconsiderate has nothing to do with her race and I did not appreciate his words. He turned and left before I leveled  him.

I once did work for a real estate company in Oakland section of Pittsburgh and when I heard antisemitic statements coming out of the owners mouth  about Cheap Jews at. Then one day he asked me where I lived I said Penn Hills he said he moved and wondered how I could let my wife shop at the giant Eagles with all those blacks and was I worried about it. I told him no im not a bigot and never took another job off him.

Its a shame all the nasty bigotry I hear and see almost weekly in this are something I never see once I am out of Western P.a.

So was I surprised when New Life Temple was shot up? not at all knowing the amount of White Trash and human POS pieces of shit that live around me. in this area.

What breeds it I do not know because you are not born a racist ,but I do know we also have a high amount of those with mental Health issues in this are which causes the paranoia . Maybe it something in the water and ground after all the years of pollution spoiling it. But its more peoples own failings and wanting to blame somebody for something because they are a failure.