A little known story When Muslim community where Attacked in there Wilkinsburg Home in 1980's

It was a nondescript apartment building which sat behind the local KFC restaurant which I often stopped at beside an electrical supply house I purchased from as well.  and got lunch at when working that part of town  The building sat  on Wallace Ave  2  nondescript apartment buildings side by side  . Over time one  on right where things got out of hand  became a public parking lot.

However the property would become a heated battle ground which saw the posting of guards to protect it front and back  in a little known war between Muslim factors and neighbors  in the 1980's in Wilkinsburg.
Apparently when the Muslims moved in they where not welcome to the point some one threw a fire bomb  at the building causing damage thats when the guards members of the community in Muslim guard stood and protected the small community. What started it and what ended it I do not know very little was ever written about it . I talked to them a couple times always receptive to me we discussed our faiths  the weather or what ever. I never saw them as a threat but apparently others in the community did.  These where peaceful Muslims yes they do exist but like even in the christian faith there are those who take the word of god like extreme fundamentalists and the KKK who use there christian religion to hurt others just what has happened in the Muslim faith .

Then one day when I went to the supply house I found the guards where gone and building boarded up they had moved on. to where I do not know . The building sat empty several years and was then bulldozed and made into a parking lot .

I hope where ever they have moved they have been able to find peace in there lives.