Legend of Hangman's Hollow in Penn Hills is there anything to it?

If you have lived or known any one who lives in eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh almost everyone can tell you tales of Hangman's Hollow in Penn Hills . Its a spooky  , creepy and lonely road thru swampy nasty colored  ponds  along old Frankstown Road . I have heard the tales ever since I have lived out this way of a tree in the hollow  with a long hanging branch with supposed rope marks which was used by the KKK to conduct lynchings in late 1890's to early 1920' .
I have never ever found any of the tales to be true  of any lynchings But the Klan was active in this area and supposedly still is and was even supposedly lead at one time by a Penn hills policeman who no nobody can remember there name.  But there have been body's found there many being dumped by the Mob or other killers  and  in one case I came upon in 1958 newspaper article  where a car with man and women was found in the pond . Not sure if it was an accident or suicide which has also happened along the road.

Now tales of hangman's hollow  are numerous all over the country as are the story's of the Green Man  who
was a real person who lived in Beaver county but there is no evidence he was ever in South park in Allegheny county or any where else , all just rumors made up to scare girlfriends etc. when out driving late on a date so they would hold on to you tightly .

Just  like the supposed Wood Chopper legend along Hulton & Indiana road of a man who killed his wife and her lover with an ax and you could hear him chopping wood along the road when you yelled his name . Turns out the noise they where hearing was an old Oil well pumping.
But it makes for good entertainment and we all love a good scary movie once and a while.
How ever there have been real ax murders committed in  W.Pa. area over the years.

Plus Penn Hills with all its dark and windy hollows and gulleys has a creepy feel to it to begin with .
So if you really want to go check out the Hangman's Hollow the easiest way to find it is to follow Saltsburg Road just over the Penn Hills Border to Davidson road go down the road and at the bottom you are in Hangmans Hollow hang a right and go thru whats left of the ponds etc by Golf Ridge drive as a housing plan has been put in that took up part of the old hollow as well as commercial business that has expanded and filled in many of the ponds . Be careful while down there because its isolated and limited cell service should you encounter something wrong.

A young Boy goes missing in McKees Rocks over 20 years a blundered search and a similar case in 78 also unsolved

McKees Rocks is a Blue Collar town just outside Pittsburgh with a history of Labor Disputes , Violence, Murder, Arson , Explosions and Deadly  Fires  which also has an Indian mound which was desecrated and said to put a curse upon the people . So it is no wonder there are so many unsolved cases in this town  including 3 murders listed in this article

I was actually in Mr. Mancinis club day before he was murdered to give him a bid on some electrical work after a friend recommended me to Mr. Mancini  .You can imagine how shocked I was seeing this on news the next morning . Needless to say I never did the work and friend who recommended me was just as shocked it happened .

I came across 2 cases of young boys missing involving Chartiers Creek which runs thru Mckees Rocks 
While researching old news articles on the case of missing year 8 old Wille Majewski I also ran across a similar case of young man who was seen falling  in the same creek in 1978 while fishing and body apparently  never found .
But lets discuss the 1991 case first.
8 year old Wille Majewski went fishing along Chartiers creek on a chilly November 12th  in 1991 when he was reported missing and possibly drowned .

What took place next  was a total boon dongle First off they made the mistake of allowing the Now Disbanded Allegheny County Delta Team   to get involved with the search instead of first calling a search & rescue team with search dogs  before all trace of scent of the missing person is lost.

But this was not the case and the scene was contaminated . Then to make matters worse  The Delta Team rolls out this tracked vehicle and they start rolling it all thru the fields destroying any chance of a ground search with dogs finding any clues . It was a total complete mess and any chance of finding the boy was lost on the first day.

Luckily W. Pa. officials have learned over the years with missing individuals and many have been successfully recovered because they call in the right people to do the search and do not allow scene to get contaminated .

Now if Willie did fall into the creek chances are his body should have been recovered out in the back channel of the Ohio River  near the mouth of the creek as an old marina that's been there for many years should have snagged the body but this was not the case . That spring McKeesrocks Firefighters even took a boat all around the back channel and marina etc looking for any trace hoping Willies body would pop up but they found nothing and since his disappearance there has also been a deck hand taking care of barges in the back channel who disappeared few years back never to be found.  There where rumors fueled by a psychic that Willie was abducted and with family members as his parents had went thru a nasty separation but it was never substantiated. There is also the possibility of a pedophile being involved as well as Pittsburgh has had more than its share of them exposed especially since the internet has evolved.
One thing they talk about the river men who work along the Ohio river banks is they always warn you to be aware of "Snakes on the Deck " things that can trip you etc and send you into the river and this includes criminals of all kind  and homeless people who prowl around the rivers .
What happened to Willie is not clear because no one saw him fall in the creek or leave the area and head for home or some where else. So its one of those situations where you have to believe he drowned.
But till remains are found we will never know and fowl play you can never rule that out with a town with such a violent history.

Interestingly while researching Willies case I ran across this forgotten case  but young man was seen slipping into the creek .

Smiley face Killers where they here in W. Pa. ? Do they even exist ?

Once again a senseless tragedy a young vibrant male college student attends a off campus party and goes missing and is found drowned shortly there after in a pond or river . With plenty of questions how did he end up in the water. Plenty of people go to party's get drunk and do not end up drowned. How could this happen

While it is easy to say  alcohol had something to do with it and it is just a tragic accident what if it was not? What if in fact an organized group of individuals are responsible for it happening? Crazy sounding ? Well maybe not so crazy after you have read numerous articles and heard these 2 retired NY detectives on various radio shows talk about the Smiley Face Killers.

A case where when college students body's are found  nearby a smiley face  and similar markings are found painted on structures big rocks etc. as crazy as this sounds and I am not suggesting this is one of those cases there seems to be way too many young college men ending up drowned who never should have been where they where found. Read the evidence these detectives present  at following links and decide for your self are there Smiley face Killers or is it all hog wash?
I know one thing for sure living in Pittsburgh  a city  with 3 rivers and working nearby the rivers first as a  security guard and many years now in my business,  which some times involves working on repairing tow boats or docks . Workers warn you about being aware of snakes on the decks. and with good reason. When several times a month missing people are found in the 3 rivers be it by accidentally falling , suicide or foul play. There really could be something to this. Yes I have even seen smiley faces painted as well along our rivers.
There have also been several cases which  same details as found with smiley face killings right here in W. Pa.  Including a  college football player found drown in Monongahela river in California Pa. and University of Pittsburgh student found drowned in the river as well.