Why have so many Spree and Serial Killers come out of or have passed thru Western Pa. ?

 The Names and their pictures Incite Fear and Nightmares in Western Pa.

Eugene Spruill

 Stanton Story

Steve Travagleo & John  Lesko

Stanley B Hoss Jr
 Ronald Taylor

 Kevin Cooper

 Edward Surrat

 Richard Baumhammers

 Richard Henkel

Richard Poplowski

Victor Belmonte Jr.

All names when you look them up  on Google you can find them  in Muderpedia or Serial killers and True Crime type web sites you find all over the web.

Jeffery Daumer

All Killers who went on a killing spree committing multiple murders many involving  killing cops.
many murders unsolved .

All from or committed murders around Western Pa. in a single place or multiple places around Western Pa. or nation wide

Then there is
H.H. Holmes , Jefferey Daumer and  Edward Wayne Edwards

Serial Killers who passed thru or lived in Western Pa.at one time.

But why? what breeds them ?or brings them thru here? is it something in the water?
One does have to wonder.
The regions air soil and water has been severely polluted over the years with all types of chemical contamination. including  radiation and heavy metals  like lead which study's have proven can lead to violent criminal behavior.
Study's showed when lead was removed from gasoline there was a notable decrease in crime  nation wide.

Consider also bad parenting and abuse which triggers these killers many who had to raise them selves as parenting was poor to no existent and often abusive often  there where divorces involved .  But not in all cases .

Consider mental incapacity which many of them had which went untreated or was treated and medication they took contributed to their behavior as well

Consider also many had drug or alcohol addiction and or where born to drug or alcohol  addicted parents 

But also consider some had perfectly normal and loving upbringing but something in there lives caused them to snap.

What ever it was fate would bring them to her or thru here.

Pittsburgh was at one time known as the gateway to the west and yes back in H.H. Holmes day trains canals and trolleys all passed thru here when traveling in days of old if you where heading to or from east to west coast.

But that does not explain the home grown serial killers. and why so many.more in this area  than other areas.
I am sure glad I never ran across any of them and if  I ever would I sure as well hope I have the ability to outwit and stop them dead in there tracks.

 Yes Western Pa.  and the whole Tri-State in general can be a very dangerous place to travel  with  so many angry people you meet daily out there ticking like bombs waiting to go off you see it on the roads  with the way people drive and the road rage you see it in the stores  people under great tension. But why study's have shown that people in this area are under way more stress than others  I can believe it just in this area at one time we had
Mayview , Woodville , Western Center ,Torrance, and Dixmont  State Mental Facility plus many private facility which have shut down  which held thousands of people with mental illness now all living in the community  and under treatment  or some times getting treatment  or living on the streets and not getting treatment.
 You can understand just how and why so many killers because our mental health system has broken down and people are not getting treatment they need.
But why such a high rate of mental illness ? pick your choice from the above items to consider.
Now add in the exposure to pollution and illegal substances and there are many people walking around here who are severely genetically  damaged by it. and they have passed it on to there kids we are seeing an ever rising amount of ever more violent youth in this area who are not being given the help they need.  So it is no surprise you see the amount of violent killers and just violence in general  in this area,and I only see it getting worse not better. All you can do is constantly be vigilant of your surroundings and be ready to act if required.

2 more young men from Pittsburgh Go Missing Andre Gray 34 and Paul Kochu 22 UPDATED Both found dead in ohio river days apart

Sad update both young mens bodys where found in the Ohio river near Stubenville Ohio Andre Gray  case has now become a Homicide .

Right now in the immediate  Pittsburgh and surrounding county's there are over a dozen high profile young men and women  who have disappeared with out a trace  just vanished .
Add to the list  34 yr old Andre Gray a Stylist

Picture from  WPXI Website of Andre Gray

Picture from WPXI Website Paul Kocku

 and now 22 year old Paul Kochu  a much loved nurse


 Both very disturbing disappearances one with very  hideous clues  

Andre gray failed to show for work and when police where contacted to check on his whereabouts his apartment appeared to have been a crime scene  some one was trying to cover up and his stolen vehicle showed up burned in the north side a favorite place for criminals to dump vehicles and body's.

The 2nd Paul Kochu disappeared after cutting his hand  while out for a nights entertainment  and being left alone at his apartment  or so his room mates claim.

The south side and Lawrenceville area where both have disappeared have of late become very dangerous places with numerous violent attacks and  strong arm robbery's of pedestrians late at night . and in the case of Andre it surely does not look good as it appears some one was covering up a murder. 

There are plenty of rumors floating around on both men which I do not want to discuss at this time I can only hope clues to there disappearances come forward soon. But with so many people now missing it is bringing back all those fear from the 70's when so many young woman where murdered  and or went missing except now its young men.

Nearly 40 years a Penn Hills and Wilkinsburg Murder of 2 young women Barabra Jean Lewis 31 aand beth Lynn barr 6 goes unsolved.

1977 the year I graduated from Carrick High School and a very scary time in Western Pa. in general with so many unsolved murders in late 70's and early 80's as serial killers prowled about the area.
I was recently reading the local Tribune Review and came about 2 murders now long time cold cases .of  Barbara Jean Lewis 31 , and Beth Barr 6,

While researching these 2 cases I found there where 4 young women  and girls with in 5 months murdered. and to make things even creepier I did electrical work at the civic assoc. in late 80's and never even knew about the murder or fact that Barbara Lewis body was dumped there. which is also right next to the now closed Church Hill Valley Country Club.

How ever I do remember all the news story's about Beth Lynn Barr  whose killer has never been found .

 At the same time Edward Wayne Edwards was roaming the area  who I have talked about in a previous blog post

There where so many young women and girls murdered during the late 70's and early 80's with so many of them never solved and in some cases still missing  police still believe none of them where connected.
But lay them all out on a map and the dates and the link sure as hell looks like they are.Call me crazy
 but like I have said in the past I do believe there is a serial killer or killers  possibly generational family of them  passed down one to the other who have been operating in this area for a very long time and possibly regionally and nationally.
just look at the whole case of the supposed smiley face killers  I wrote about a while back.

Now that same pattern seems to be happening to young men as several have just up and disappeared just in the Penn hills area.  Just what is going on? good question.  There is now the search for a 22 yr old male nurse going on in Pittsburgh's South side as you read this blog. which I will be posting on shortly who unfortunately I feel is going to end in sadness and mystery as well.