A Story many have never heard of in Erie County "The Restless Dead of Grave Yard Pond

Misery bay in Erie County appropriately named for  a tragic tale long forgotten during the war of 1812
when in 1813 The body's of American sailors some still living but barely after a scourge of Small pox hit their vessels  where weighted with stones and deposited into a little known and forgotten  pond  that is part of Misery bay.
Which has become known as Grave Yard Pond.

 After Admiral Perry's fantastic victory his flag ship The Niagara and the Lawrence   stayed at Misery Bay in Presque Ilse  for the winter and settled in .


However Small Pox broke out and with little help available the officers on board  felt dropping the dead and dying into the pond was the only thing they could do to prevent the small pox from spreading.
The mens body''s are still there in the swampy  pond of misery bay  never recovered and at this point possibly only a few bones are left .

It should be recognized as a national military cemetery and should be taught in schools but this has not been done those men died alone and forgotten far from their homes.
Of course some claim late at night  that the place is active with paranormal activity which you would expect for such a tragedy. 

They say the Haloween attraction The Scare House in Etna has Real ghosts in it

Yes the Scare house is one of the top Halloween  Haunted House Attractions in the country located in an old Elks Lodge in Etna Pa. You go from one horrifying scene to the next as you travel thru the dark hallways

 There is even an evil bunny rabbit with an axe which chases people.

But when all the fun is done for the evening and the actors go home for the evening thats when they say the real ghosts come out to play

. http://www.scarehouse.com/about/haunted-history

As members of the Oakmont Paranormal Society recently discovered after being invited to check out rumors of actual paranormal happenings at the famous attraction. As guests and visitors report  cold spots and feeling they are being watched and other creepy things

Drake Bowan Director of OPS reports they picked up the sounds of a piano playing in one EVP
as well as several spots where K meters showed possible presence of activity. As they investigated the building which with all the joy and happiness as well as some times sadness that went on with all the different activates  you would expect memory's to stick around and this seems to be the case at Scare House.

Which is getting ready once again for the 2017 Halloween season 

A little known story When Muslim community where Attacked in there Wilkinsburg Home in 1980's

It was a nondescript apartment building which sat behind the local KFC restaurant which I often stopped at beside an electrical supply house I purchased from as well.  and got lunch at when working that part of town  The building sat  on Wallace Ave  2  nondescript apartment buildings side by side  . Over time one  on right where things got out of hand  became a public parking lot.

However the property would become a heated battle ground which saw the posting of guards to protect it front and back  in a little known war between Muslim factors and neighbors  in the 1980's in Wilkinsburg.
Apparently when the Muslims moved in they where not welcome to the point some one threw a fire bomb  at the building causing damage thats when the guards members of the community in Muslim guard stood and protected the small community. What started it and what ended it I do not know very little was ever written about it . I talked to them a couple times always receptive to me we discussed our faiths  the weather or what ever. I never saw them as a threat but apparently others in the community did.  These where peaceful Muslims yes they do exist but like even in the christian faith there are those who take the word of god like extreme fundamentalists and the KKK who use there christian religion to hurt others just what has happened in the Muslim faith .

Then one day when I went to the supply house I found the guards where gone and building boarded up they had moved on. to where I do not know . The building sat empty several years and was then bulldozed and made into a parking lot .

I hope where ever they have moved they have been able to find peace in there lives.

They say the Miners are still working their shift at the Rolling Mill Mine disaster in Johnstown Pa.

 The Johnstown area  has seen more than its shares of disasters , floods ,explosions and accidents
over the past 200 years from 3 disastrous floods to tragic trolley and train accidents to deaths in its steel mills and manufacturing plants. But one disaster is little remembered and thats the Rolling Mill mine disaster which happened  over 100 years ago.
As you drive down Pa 56 into Johnstown you see the magnificent Inclined Plane which rescued towns people during the floods but almost right beside it a disastrous coal mine  explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine which took 112 men and boys lives  occurred on July 10 1902 


What made this event even more tragic where those who died trying to save the miners who where trapped in the only portal into the mine it was one of the largest mines in US with only one entrance way..

Thou the mines shafts have been sealed off after the mines workings played out you can still visit the shaft which has a partial opening and some claim see ghost miners walking that same trail
There is a Youtube Video which documents the mine and its haunting 

As well as a 100th commemoration video of the accident.

To think of the horror that day of the explosion you are a newly arrived immigrant in a strange land now stuck in complete darkness awaiting your last breath. Company's did not care if you died few followed safety regulations and mine inspectors where often bribed  No one cared  and in many cases it was not known who the miner even was or if he had family  often times death tolls where much higher bcuse mines collapsed and it was not even known who all was working that day.