A 60s Era Christmas Display in Fox Chapel which brought cars from 3 states

When I was a kid in 60's every Christmas Season we would all pile into the family van and go see the homes decorated for Christmas one of our favorite place was Virginia Manor  in Mt Lebanon Scott Twp area.
But everyone's favorite was in a long U shaped driveway of a family in Ohara Twp. on Squaw Run Rd and hunt rd off of  Fox Chapel Road   
They set it up each year as a way to collect money for Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital. It would take them 6 months
to get it ready and they had a full size manger,a full Santa and his sleigh and other Christmas  items.
The electric bill for the month was something like $1000.00 per month and thats in 60s dollars which was a major sum .

Cars would line up at dark and take there turn and go around thru the long U shaped driveway. The display was even featured in the Pittsburgh Press and Post Gazette unfortunately I have not been able to locate the article .Their was even a small spot done on KDKA news about it.

But then in early 70s the family stopped doing the display and the U shaped  driveway and large ranch home  was torn out and  and it is another piece of history lost to time . You would have to be in your 50's to even remember it sadly.
  a fire and Ambulance station now sits on the property.

Hopefully some day I will find the article or some pictures and if I do I will update the article.

Why is the Paranormal , Bigfoot and UFO Community Fracturing ?

As a Paranormal Researcher and Writer I often am in communication with other who enjoy the field of research as we share what we have learned  ,but I am also seeing a rather disturbing pattern of disruption to it .

Seems there are those who are doing great damage to it.

Take the Paranormal group which broke into the old GAR Lady's Home in Swissvale Pa. which was recently torn down.

They damaged the property in their quest to prove it was haunted. and in turn got all other groups banned .

This bad behavior by rouge groups and individuals  has ended up causing owners of haunted property's to ban all individuals and groups from investigating and in some cases owners have torn down the property .

Then there have been major online  fights and insults hurled by one investigator to another over weather evidence is fake or not . It has lead to members being banned from attending meetings and outings .

There have been big fractures within the Big Foot and UFO community's as of late when a member starts insulting and questioning everything another member presents and it needs to stop.

Paranormal, Big Foot and Ufology is all suppose to be a collaboration of thoughts and theory's to advance the field , not break it apart but this is the way it seems to be going past couple years .

There are those individuals who are making themselves out to be absolute paranormal experts  setting up touring company's for paranormal sites and only they can tell if a photo a guest has taken is real evidence or not.  Which is total BS. They have even gone as far as to rip off client lists and hijack websites to divert potential tourists to their sites which  I recently heard about from one of  several paranormal attraction owners I know , who noticed a drop in revenue and found out after hiring a Private Investigator when things where not adding up.

It hurts the legitimate ghost hunter tours who really care and teach about the paranormal to their guests , and have invested a lot of time and money into it.

I have been investigating the paranormal for over 40 years and by no means consider myself an expert in any way .I know what I have seen and encountered and I know that 95% of the time I can explain its not paranormal but a condition with in the structure causing it. Its that 5% I can not explain away where it is then the real investigation begins to try and understand what is going on.
because we have an unknown. Thats where my fellow paranormal investigators  come into play with their vast knowledge and experience as we try to discern the unknown.

I have been working on several paranormal theory's myself where it involves AM radio being a facilitator of EVP  and Haunting s since I work as a Contract Broadcast Engineer and have been sharing evidence I have been finding with fellow investigators which has been well received.

It is just a matter of time and I feel it will happen within my lifetime we are going to have answers
to many paranormal issues especially Big Foot with all the technology and cameras available which where not available before. its going to make a lot of so called experts look like fools. When it does.
and I really feel sorry for the ridicule they are going to receive .