The BIIC Club once the best kept little Secret Italian Club in Bloomfeild

Sadly its boarded up and closed  according to Yelp  but at one time the BIIC Club official known as  The Bloomfield Independent Italian Club was a hoping place 6 nights a week . In the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pa. along Lorigan Street which runs off Edmund  down by the railroad tracks .

Where everything from Party's to Weddings where one time held.
The only reason I even know of its existence is because I use to take care of the security system at the club thats when the last person to run it Bobby Ladonne who worked for Gas company during the week was still taking care of it and it was only open on Saturday Nights as an after hours club in the 90s
Last time I stopped and talk to Bob in late 90s he was ready to retire and I do not know if he handed the bar down to his kid who has a Filter manufacturing business. 

Needless to say the place sadly slid down hill to the status of a dive bar over the years like so many little clubs now long closed and forgotten.
That where in all of Pittsburgh's little ethnic neighborhoods


They provided the community a safe place to have a celebration or simply to have a drink among friends.
Most Like BIIC never even had a sign out front or if they did it was small .
 One of those places everyone knew your name . 
 On a Saturday night you would walk up the steps  knock on the door and if Lance the doorman knew you he would admit you If he did not know you or your friend you where not welcome.  
Once inside it opened up into a big wooden floor hall  with an old wooden bar a shot and beer joint with occasional mixed drink kind of place .Many of the restaurant  and bar workers went their because it was a place they could drink since all the other clubs and places had to close by 2 BIIC was allowed to serve till 3AM/

There was a 2nd floor hall Bob showed me which was being used for storage where bands would once play during dinners and celebrations. 
But sadly no more its a life style the younger generation will never know going to a neighborhood club on a Saturday.