There actually was a time when Jews where not allowed to be Buried in City of Pittsburgh Pa.

If you ever get involved with visiting old cemetery's in Western Pa. and look up their  there history  
You will notice especially with in the limits of the City of Pittsburgh there are no Jewish Cemetery's.

You can find all kind of other ethnic cemetery , Catholic,  Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran Presbyterian etc  but not one cemetery  for Jews.

How ever you will find one in Carrick 29th ward of City of Pittsburgh but at the time it was planned and body's where first buried it was not part of the city and was a stand alone boro and just outside city limits at the time making  it possible for Jews to get there by foot or horse and carriage 

Yes if you where a Native American, a Colored as blacks where then known  or any other faith or race it was OK But Jews where not allowed to be buried with in city limits. Until 1900's

Beth Abraham Cemetery Photo credit John Rudiak
There is also a Jewish cemetery in Shaler twp and Reserve Twp. all just outside city limits

Entrance gate to the Chesed Shel Emeth (Acts of Loving Kindness) Cemetery in Millvale, Shaler Township, c.1980.

Why where they not allowed.? well there has been much speculation but single biggest reason was Racism no matter how you try to spin it.

What started it all appears to be the practice of the Jewish Religion  to bury their dead with in 24 hours and with out being embalmed
which was seen as unsanitary
 to bury a body that was not embalmed.
I never realized this until a Jewish customer of mine pointed it out that there where no Jewish cemetery in City of Pittsburgh.

 The none embalming practice it seems  also brought about   the term Dirty Jews  which was a frequently heard in Pittsburgh out of racists mouths.  Thou this is just one of theory s behind the hateful term.

Part of body's bringing disease is discussed  in article below where a physician built the first crematory  here in western Pa. based on burial practices in ground spreading illness
The truth be told years later the practice of embalming body's  was actually hazardous to environment as body decayed and chemicals released into the soil.  This is why many areas now require underground vaults  and sealed caskets.

But finally after cooler heads prevailed and science showed there was no danger where Jews allowed to be buried in the city limits of large city and Jewish law was also relaxed as well to allow embalming when  state and local law required it.