Hill View Manor is not Closing and will be offering tours once more in the Spring

Despite what you may have heard or read on social media

 Hill View Manor it is not closing and will once again be open in the spring for tours and so much more. 

Hill View Manor has stopped tours for the 2018 Season as it has every season due to the cold temperatures not allowing use of restrooms etc.

There was a disagreement between management and the owner and management walked out and quit end of the story.

3 Paranormal groups have come together to continue the tradition of paranormal hunts and are looking at offering many more venues during the 2019 season.

Already 2 new WiFi access points have been added one in the chapel area and one in the Mary Virginia hallway and internet has been repaired and is operational after a power surge damaged wiring.

A new roof as been added over the Chapel wing and a general cleanup was conducted by volunteers in November .staff will be onsite at all times and available to answer questions  and assist you in any way they can during the tours.

Hill View manor is also looking at offering Classes on ghost hunting and how to use equipment as well as expanding available equipment for rent during hunts.

So while it is freezing this time of year I look forward to seeing you all in the spring . In mean time we will be doing on going maintenance on the building getting it ready for spring.

So what was it we caught on Video at Carnigie Library and Music Hall in Braddock and did IP camera Technology play a role in it

October 2017 The Carnegie Library and Music hall in Braddock pa. during the annual  (OPS) Oakmont Paranormal Society Annual Ghost Hunt .
I loaned the team a Nuvico IP camera system and NVR Network Video Recorder to see what we could catch with this new Camera technology since the resolution is 100% better than standard analog camera systems .

Well it was not too long after the event and reviewing the video the recorder held to find we where not to be disappointed

Seems the camera 1.2MP-HD IP Camera with 32 infrared  emitters we put into the darkened Music hall picked up a Full bodied Apparition as one of the groups members Drake Bowans son Josh entered the music hall. it appears for just a fast second on right of screen.

Its not a bug or dust  its definitely some type of anomaly the camera picked up . But only the IP camera caught it other cameras in area at time did not.

Which brings up speculation maybe we should be using more IP-HD Cameras to record paranormal activity because of the high compression and rapid frame amounts they record at.

Maybe even the use of very high capacity frame rate cameras used in slow motion automation  like 7000 frames per second since they see things the human eye does not .

What ever it was we caught that evening sure looks like a Full Body and maybe with IP cameras this explains why some people see ghosts and there gone maybe its because the apparition has to charge up with energy to be seen.

It would be interesting to get hold of one of those high sped cameras unfortunately they are very expensive. but with the new 4K technology cameras coming out maybe even more apparitions will be caught.

Until that time happy ghost hunting. 

A small backyard Observatory Dome made from Allunimum which was once located in Pittsburghs Northside was a wonder of its day.

A small silver aluminum dome once sat upon the rear building behind a house on Ivory Ave. near US19 Perrysville Ave.
most people pass it everyday never knew it was there,  they never knew what its significance was and sadly  never knew it has since been moved and preserved. .But it played a very significant role in Astronomy History when Leo Scanlon who I knew thru the Pittsburgh Mineral and Lapidary Society he was a long time member and past president and a man of great knowledge and skilled gem polisher and had a  great wit. But his other love was Astronomy which he helped start the Amateur Astronomy society of Pittsburgh.

At the time the dome was built in 1930 by Leo and his friends of the Amateur Astronomy Society of Pittsburgh  it was the single biggest piece of aluminum construction in the world.

and even rotated at one point till it had to be sealed off due to leaks. 

I got to talk to Leo the day of the State Marker dedication in 98 and Leo still remembered me despite now being in his late 90,s and probably 30+ years since we had last meet.

Leo would pass shortly after the marker was dedicated unfortunately and the area lost a great man who many never knew what he had contributed to the area.