Updates on previous articles B25 plane crash and missing Cherrie Mahan

Two articles I published in last couple months have popped back up in news.
Regarding the B-25 that crash landed in the mon a recovery group has asked permission to check out and dredge the gravel pit where they believe it has sunk.

Also in the news they have re-examined the site where Cherrie Mahan disappeared many years ago sadly no new evidence 

The town which people like to make fun of its name has a not so funny unsolved murder

Deery Pa. also known by the joke derry area  if you say it wrong  has a long history of being a quiet but big railroad town in Westmoreland County situated between US 22 and US 30
 not much goes on here except for a major  pedestrian accident involving the railroad as people try  to illegally  cross tracks in town instead of using the approved crossing and end up getting hit.
I have been thru the town several times as a short cut  from Fayette County to Altoona
So it was quite the shock in this town  when a murder was committed on a young woman 22 year old Samantha Lang on March 27 of 2007 in her Derry Twp home.

Its hard to believe no one heard or saw anything in this little town where everyone knows your business not even a $50,000.00 dollar reward has brought forth any leads .

So it makes you wonder was this some one local or is it a serial killer the case looks and sounds all to familiar to a case in West Deer Twp ,Bethel Park  and Arnold  all 4 women alone at home and viciously attacked and not one drop of evidence over many years.

The police have no clues and psychic family contacted is no better.