Secret Government and Corporate Headquaters Underground in W. Pa. There have been rumors since the 50's is there any truth to it? maybe

At one time Pittsburgh was the 3rd largest corporate  headquarters in America.
and when the Cuban Missile Crisis set off a frenzy of people building underground bomb shelters
It was rumored that many corporations set up secret headquarters in the old lime stone mines in Wampum  and Worthington Pa.  where they raise mushrooms .

Yes corporations do store records and such there and  they can set up a temporary emergency headquarters there thats very possible  the facility are designed for just such a purpose supposedly US Steel has one such location according to a late friend of mine who told me they had such a place and it makes sense they would but it would by know means  as lavish as some people make these so called bunkers out to be often its nothing more than storage space that could be quickly converted into a temporary headquarters with meeting rooms etc.designed to serve as temporary  recovery center . Not to say its spartan  some spaces are very nice but some of what you here is just plain out there. 

One customer I take care of does have a bunker that goes underground on there property but its not for the end of the world but instead if there would be a chemical leak  due to hazard of product they handle.

But lets face it how many buildings we go in and we wonder whats behind that door anyways.
In most cases  its miles and miles of wires and pipes  for telecommunication and utility service to structures. Verizon recently showed off part of one of there hidden switch centers where technicians  keep the cell network going 24/7 365

But most of these facility are not underground however they are in special reinforced structures right in plain view and you would never know.  I have worked in several such places I can not speak of they look just like any other building in an office park except no signs point to or direct you to them.
But if you believe all the rumors there are these elaborate secret military bunkers etc all under Pittsburgh connected by tunnels with there own trains.   Which is more fantasy than truth.

One such fantasy place is the Federal Bureau of Mines in Library Pa. which conducts  research into protecting miners and conducts all kind of tests  and is supposedly more than just old mine shafts. 

But thats all it is an old mining complex . Yet some people who work there love to make up elaborate stories  how Government is conducting secret work because the old phone system lights  for that section even thou abandoned are still powered on and working.  Just like those who supposedly have done work in Wampum and  Worthington   storage mines speak of a secret military installations and armed military  guards etc etc.  most of it all talk and nothing to it.  Why would the government be doing secret  things where civilian eyes could run across it.  Its more like government keeping records and supply's for emergency's there which is known public information. . But secret projects no way. But it does make for a good story and I have heard plenty of them and while I have been under plenty of buildings under the ground and got to see all kind of neat old infrastructure never ran across anything secret the government was doing. How ever I have run across plenty of old civil defense drums  which once held water and crackers and such. Some times you find old treasures as well in old tools and parts and such and a lot of junk as well as plenty of bugs and rats .  But since it is under the ground and hidden there must be something more to it which people think just like all the masonic rumors.

While on the other hand  The Iron Mountain   Storage Complex   in Wampum Pa. is one of the most secure and complex underground data storage facility in the world  where   servers keep and store  our corporations critical data  from above ground catastrophes as well as store and care for many historical records ,films and prints in other parts of there operations.

There is also the rumor of a complete train with supplies buried some where under Pittsburgh in an old railroad tunnel  which it was backed into during the 50's as well ready to be taken out and used in an emergency  as well as rumors of secret stuff going on in the old Missile silos at the old Nike sites 
one of which I got to explore at the Allegheny County Fire Academy  the missiles are long gone and sites sold to developers so nothing going on in them as much as people want to believe there is. 
some have been turned into personnel emergency bunkers by the owners. most where just filed in for liability concerns. 

Also since 9-11 many of the underground passages etc have been blocked off for security reasons or filled in to prevent terrorist activity  in many areas including downtown Pittsburgh so it just helps add to story's of secret things going on. But the truth is many of the old abandoned steam tunnels you could once walk thru have been filled in because they where in a state of collapse from no longer being used. 

Of course there are all the story's of whats down inside the old coal mines  in the Pittsburgh region as well persistent story's of kids going into the old mine shafts and finding old tools and lanterns and even whole underground trains and carts.  Most of the mines where sealed off years ago  so again just story's for most part but some stuff may have been left behind but to say you walked all thru the mines etc. not possible many quickly filled with water after  no longer being mined so you could only go back few hundred feet if that  and after a group of 4 kids got trapped underground in  in some old mine shafts in 70's   and luckily where rescued .The bureau of mines started going around and making sure mine operators permanently sealed mines entrances off.

However yes at one time you could ride a underground  coal train all the way from community of Carrick to Library Pa. aprox. 20 miles  thru old coal mine tunnels  but that was back in the late 1800's  before the mines where all closed off and sealed.  The ride was not totally underground tough as you would come in and out of shafts  like in carrick where it came across Wagner street  via an open air bridge between shafts . In fact the now long gone Castle Shanon Inclines  On Mt Washington where built to transport people and vehicles over Mt Washington  after it became dangerous for people to ride the trains thru the old coal shafts due to choking fumes .

So again lots of good story's with a little truth to them greatly exaggerated  just like with the green man everyone loves a good story  .