A Tragic fire in 1995 which Killed 3 Pittsburgh Firefighters a young man convicted in their deaths and now a New trail is being ordered

It was a horrifying situation as 3 Firefighters perished in a February 1995 fire in Pittsburgh's Homewood /Brushton section. It was even more horifuing  when it was announced to be an Arson fire.

Ultimately a young man  17 yr old  Gregory brown Jr.would be accused and sentenced to life in prison and his mom Darlene Buckner  convicted of insurance fraud.

But from the very start of this case things have not been adding up

Because of these discrepancy   The Innocence Project became involved because they believe justice was not done in this case.

While the Fire Investigator hired by the insurance agency that covered the home felt it was possibly related to a defective natural gas pipe line  The City and Federal Investigators  felt it was Arson and pursued it as a criminal case.

A new trail was ruled and then immediately   appealed by Allegheny County DA which the appeal has been overturned and unless further appealed will proceed .

One big thing this new trial will be hinged on is the Fire Investigation Techniques used at the time. 
as it has been revealed in Arson Case Re-Trial after Re-Trial how the Investigation techniques used 
even today are flawed  often called junk Science and even with modern science are being challenged  and there are many questions as to how the case was handled and the fact paid informants where used and not revealed .You better believe the DA is worried the young man will be found innocent  If this young man did set the fire and killed the 3 firefighters I say Fry the SOB  and let him rot in prison . If not then right a wrong and set him free. This trial is going to open up many old wounds but they can not properly heal if justice was not properly done. Lets settle it and all the rumors which have been swirling around the fire community  ever since the fire happened .