An old Gas Station in Sharpsburg that has a Hidden Secret you would never know was there

As you ride down thru the valley along Kittaning Pike  that leads to Sharpsburg  you pass an old gas station that at one time was a Radiator Rebuild shop but what you do not know is if you go into the building there is a doorway in back which leads into the hills side and secret caves which where carved into the hill side.
The caves served as Mushroom growing rooms for the famous  Monteverde Provisions company who serve the many restaurants around Pittsburgh .

I was able to see the hidden caves in early 1980's before they totally collapsed  when my friend grizzly knew the man who owned the radiator shop and he allowed me to go back and check them out.

There are many hidden caves all over Pittsburgh especially on the North Side which where used for
holding a  small brewery's Beer  back in the days before Refrigeration  when there where over 70 different small brewery's.One set of caves was revealed when the old Allegehny Auto body shop was torn down when Pa route 28 was rebuilt and where visable for sevral weeks till pendot filled them in .

Most of these tunnels and caves have been long forgotten and are all mostly collapsed  like in Sharpsburg . It is a forgotten part of Pittsburgh History. as well as Wheeling which also had a rich history of brewing and caves .