Smoking in Bed a Mechanic I knew foresaw his own death by fire .

Yes  a Fire is a scary thing especially if it happens while you are sleeping. I had nightmares for years  when in second grade  we lost almost an entire family in Carrick where I lived at the time and Ronny one of 2 boys to die was in my second grade class at St. Basils .

Yes it still haunts me to this day every time I ride past where the home once sat.

So you can imagine just how haunting some one I knew prediction of his own death by fire  has haunted me . This is a true story I blanked the last names to Give Bill his privacy. and have not posted it as a link.

I meet Bill a very talented Truck Mechanic at a customer of mine in the south hills who does
Asphalt work. Bill was always a  fun guy to talk to any time he was always courteous and helpful any time I needed ladders or even a second hand. when  I was in the  equipment repair shop working on the phones
or alarm system .
One day in fall of 2000 I had to change a smoke detector in the shop that was causing false alarms
and when I showed it to Bill as to what the problem was he said it was a good thing they had smoke and heat detectors in the shop as he is always worried about fire as he and friend are smokers and have fallen a sleep in bed  .He was always worried he would die in a fire because of it.
I said You have smoke detectors in your place and he said he did  because he was so worried.

Sadly his words would come true as I woke up and started reading the Post Gazzette one spring morning in 2002  and there was his picture along with a friend he had died in a fire from a discarded cigarette. I was devastated as where his fellow employees  who worked with him.

The following is an Excerpt from Post Gazette 

BEECHVIEW: Fire blamed on smoking

A house fire in Beechview that killed two people was caused by a discarded cigarette, Pittsburgh Fire Chief Peter Micheli said yesterday.

The blaze broke out shortly before 10 p.m. Thursday at  Kenberma Ave. It started in the upstairs rear bedroom of the two-story brick home.

Janet M. 55 the home's owner, was found dead at the scene in that bedroom. She was identified through dental records. Micheli said she is the mother of a city firefighter, whom he declined to identify.

The second victim, William W., 52, was found badly injured in another bedroom. He was taken to Mercy Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just before midnight.

Micheli said investigators ruled the fire accidental. They attributed its origin to "discarded smoking material," which Micheli said meant a cigarette. Someone was probably smoking in bed, he said.

Investigators have an idea why the victims were unable to escape from the burning house, but Micheli said he could not release the information publicly.

There were no smoke detectors in the house, Micheli said.

Damage to the building and its contents was estimated at $25,000.

 Please if your going to smoke be careful do not smoke in bed and have working smoke detectors.
We have too many fire deaths  with out helping them along

What if Flight 93 was not headed for the White house but instead the USX Steel Tower in Pittsburgh ? an alternate theory with much darker intent

Flight 93 headed towards Pittsburgh instead of the White House? Preposterous you say.
Well maybe but then again Pittsburgh has a secret most people do not know about back in 2001.
Its that the AT&T building in downtown right across the street from USX Tower on Grant Street  and this building handles all international call and most of the internet traffic in and out of North America as well as much of cross country traffic at that time . Had the terrorists managed to knock the USX Tower into the AT&T building the damage and confusion caused by losing all those lines as well as what was going on in New York would have been devastating.
In fact the day of 9-11 US marshals with automatic weapons formed a perimeter around this building to protect it as well as federal court house as  seen on KDKA TV 2 and other local stations that day.
I am not the only one to realize this possible scenario I have talked to many others including pilots  who say it could have been done I am just the first to write and talk about it that I know of.

In fact this same scenario could have well played out in New York as  well as Nyex Telephone Exchange supplier to wall street could have been knocked out as well  when the towers fell imagine the confusion and  severe financial loss that could have been created had wall street been knocked out for months to a year  compared to a couple days. Had this or Pittsburgh been pulled off it would have created tremendous panic in the streets when no one can communicate.
with just the towers themselves falling many large radio and TV stations went off the air in New York
luckily some had back up sites but most did not. There is nothing worse during a panic than the ability to not be able to communicate to authority or loved ones. During 9-11 it happened nation wide for several hours where phone lines where jammed but imagine picking up the phone going on internet and having nothing.

If you go to the Flight 93 Memorial  in Shanksville Pa. and look at the placard which shows the flight path of 93 although yes it looks like it is headed for the White House it flew right over Pittsburgh

The first question I had to ask myself if the plane was headed to White House why did they choose this flight and wait so long before it  was taken  over they could have taken a much shorter faster route like they did to take out the towers.
OK so if it was the USX tower they where after why did they fly over Pittsburgh and not hit it ? this would have been when the fight broke out on board and the pilot was distracted and unable to take the objective. It is only a few seconds flight time from Pittsburgh to Shanksville the fight aboard would have been well under way.
 One would have to believe that well planned terrorists  would have more than one objective to hit if they where unable to hit the initial targets . It should also be noted that only a few air miles from where the plane went down are important towers which provide Cross country phone and data communication as well . Of course miles of fiber optics has been laid now along railroad tracks to help harden up communications but in 2001 not nearly the amount was available like it is today.

 If it is true there was a fight and this brought down the plane which in all likely hood did happen
 despite  conspiracy kooks  who insist a jet shot it down. Which yes there was a white jet seen in area but this was a small private corporate jet the FAA controllers  asked to look for the flight after it dropped off radar.

Of course all I have proposed is speculation and I doubt we will ever get the whole truth on 9-11
but what I conjecture makes a lot more sense than so many of the outright bizarre conspiracy's  now floating on the internet. I do not belive our goverment was involved in this attack bu that their laxness allowed it .I and others have always said we are too open to attack . Becuse just like the known EMP threats to this country we know people want to kill us every day but we ignore the dangers and do not harden up our infrastructure.

If you understand communications and also understand its importance then you know just how devastating 9-11 would have been had we lost international and cross country communications.