Big Foot Sightings in Fayette County ? Or is it a Wildman in Furs or Something Else?

Its a story and rumor which has been passed down for over 100 years in Fayette

County Pa. how a big hairy ape looking creature has been spotted in the woods.

Now there are plenty of theory's as to what it may be  from a Big Foot / Sasquatch  to a Big Black Bear with mange to a Wild Man living in the woods and wearing furs for clothes. To a government experiment accidentally released into the woods .To alien UFO's releasing them from their craft.

What ever it is it sure has plenty of people on there guard when in the woods of Fayettenam as the area is known due to the high crime rate the county has due to high unemployment and drug related activity.

While some of the sightings can be dismissed as total hog wash and foolishness for some there are lingering questions what did the witnesses really see?

 and why would such a creature choose Fayette County to stomp around?
Well one thing for sure would be excellent resources for food with the heavy woods and excellent hiding places because Fayette County is riddled with abandoned coal and  stone mines and quarry's
as well as old abandoned industrial workings. 
and its a very rural and isolated sections would make perfect cover for such a beast if it exists. 

Unlike next door Westmoreland and Allegheny county's which have a much higher population and development

Of course some of the sightings could be the good ole boys just playing pranks on people as well.

But until one of these beasts is captured we will never know for sure and its all speculation if they even exist. 

As far as a bear with bad case of mange very possible you often see packs of wild dogs with it. .
 How ever the wild man theory of some one living in the wild and wearing furs for clothes can not be discounted because the wood are so thick  and it is totally possible. One could be hiding from human contact  and possibly due to severe mental health conditions causing it. Some one could easily live off the land and hide deep in the woods in Fayette County with no problems.

So what ever it is stay tuned and hopefully we will know for sure some day.

Red Stars on Homes in Rural America is it a commie movement or something? No not really

You often see a single red painted star or rusted star on many rural homes in Western Pa. and while it looks alot like the infamous red star of the former USSR the Soviet Union  its far from something anything having to do with Communists .
Its just one of the many symbols from the Pa. Dutch culture for bringing good luck.
A Barn Star

While at one time it was a builders trade mark it has become a universal good luck symbol and can be found all over Pa. 

Although it looks a lot like the Communist red star  which was first seen in Russia in 1917

The Barn Star or pa. Star as ts some times known has been around long before the communists adopted and perverted it much like the NAZI and there use of the Swasticka 

Many home owners buy and install the red barn stars strictly for decoration and are not even aware its significance. and so it goes .
So no its not the commies invading its for good luck. but dont be surprised if you find some one with commie leanings is using one for its perverted purpose.