They're Coming to get you Barbara ! The really Neat to visit Living Dead Museum in Evans City Pa.

In an unassuming store front along the main street of Evans City Pa you will Find the Living Dead Store.
Part museum part gift shop dedicated to the now famous" Night of the Living Dead "Movie produced by George Romero .

He brought to life today's un dead  modern flesh eating  Zombies in the scary Black& white movie in 1968

Prior to this Zombies where basically Live individuals ghouls controlled by an evil Voodoo priestess  who used powerful drugs to control their every move.
Movies like 1932 White Zombie  are an example of a classic zombie .

The night of the living dead movie is set in a cemetery in Evans City Pa. where a Couple is visiting graves  and the boyfriend starts teasing his girlfriend with the now famous line "They're coming to get you Barbara  ". When they first spot one of the zombies in the distance what they first take as a joke turns into a nightmare when they realize the visitor is trying to kill them along with others who are un dead they then flee to a farmhouse  with another couple and a young black man which is where the rest of the story plays out .
Thou the house has been demolished the cemetery can still be visited and there was an effort made and completed to restore the original chapel in the cemetery to its former glory because it was in part of the movie.

If you do go to visit the cemetery remember this is a place of reverence and final resting place of real people so be respectful. the cemetery is under constant surveillance by locals and police .

After you visit the cemetery stop down along  Pa. 68   to 121 E. Main St.  The Living Dead Museum

Here you can find a small museum dedicated to the original movie and follow up films which have become a power house on the zombies franchise .  Which includes a small screening room that shows how the movie was made  as well as other films and is jammed packed with all kinds of posters ,movie stills and actual props used in the movie .The $5.00 admission is well worth the price just to see all the items on display and you can even pick up living dead T shirts and items.  expect to spend a couple hours because even thou its small there is just so much to see and read.

There is even a cool old radio which plays part of the broadcast  which was developed for the movie.

Night of the living dead is definitely one of those old black&white classics which scare the hell out of you, especially if your from Pittsburgh and recognize some of the actors like Pittsburgh's own Chilly Billy Cardile who unfortunately recently passed. 

There is even an annual " Night of Living Dead festival and this will be the 50th anniversary year for the movie and they are trying to get as many still living cast members to come and visit the festival this year .

Which they will be updating the website shortly . I travel thru Evans city several times a year on Business  as I have customers in the area and will always remember the movie and all those who made it great  .