Update- Sad News remains found along river identified as missing Penn Hills man Dan Niehaus

It was a baffling case to Penn Hills detectives a resident Dan Niehaus  up and disapereaed leaving his wallet and cell phone behind.

He was never heard from again and in 2014 a human torso was found along the Ohio River   by a local police chief on patrol 

After DNA testing they have been confirmed as those of Dan Niehaus

Who worked for the Tribune Review and who is offering a $10,000.00 for information  on what happened.

Dans house is aprox. a 1/2 mile walk to the Allegheny River  which if he jumped in and committed suicide  which is possible if he  did not know how to swim  or bound rocks to him self  but that does not seem logical for those who knew him he did not seem the type of guy who would commit suicide but would explain how his body got there.
More likely if your going to commit suicide your going to jump further down the river from Highland Park Bridge.  So whole thing is still an open matter and un natural causes is still open.

I do not buy suicide in the case of the young man from south side either.  and still believe both these and several other deaths and disappearances  have something more sinister going on. Including a rumor of gang going around and robbing and killing and dumping bodies in the rivers.  and do not forget the Smiley Face killers I wrote about as well might not be just young men they are after.

We have answers but more questions than answers and thats whats disturbing with whats been going on around here.