Interested in the Paranormal If you live in western Pa and have the time 2 great events are coming to Hill View Manor

Some upcoming Events at Hill View Manor you may even see me there speaking on crossing to the other side while going thru stage IV Colon Cancer

Animal Intrusion , Rouge Employee or Poltergeist Possibly all 3 a very strange occurrence at a closed for season business in New Castle Pa.

Some days you have to play Detective in my security business.

Take the other evening after a heavy snow storm in New Castle Pa. area  a customer of mine a retail swimming pool business  had both its Glass Break and motion sensor trip.
I got on scene in morning due to all the snow to find over a foot of snow totally covering the lot thick enough I could not drive in.

I trudge thru the snow and find the door is locked but when I enter I find 3 trash cans tipped and tubes of Lube Tube a gasket grease all over the floor.

 OK so I have a small animal attacking a grease product ??

Very strange animal would attack these tubes  stranger yet I thought was the caps missing what animal takes the caps off and carefully removes a product from a open container .

Plus with all the snow and no tracks where or how did the animal get in.

just my foot prints

At first I thought OK we have a rouge employee  coming in  when store is checked every other week and sniffing the glue making it look like this was work of an animal.
 ( very hard to get  decent temporary  seasonal employees for any business any more  )  and I had this happen at another business  but I was still not ruling animals  out 
 So I changed the locks for owner and I would check store in a week and no one else  would as we could tell when alarm is armed and disarmed  But just to be certain I set poison bait all over the store.
maybe it is an animal.

But if it was animals how are they getting in  and just how did the large piece of shelving bracket get on floor which caused the glass break to go off.

black bracket which fell on floor
Even the cops where kind of creeped out what was going on like it was a Poltergeist  in this store and since it one time served as State Police under cover division office  well anything was possible. with such strange goings on and no trace who or what was doing it. If you have ever studied the Paranormal ou would be creeped out too.

 They recommended a Trail Cam  which I installed works great for people but not small rodents  saw me coming and going and nothing else. I set the tubes container on floor filled with tubes and poison to prevent alarm motion going off and leave.

So a week goes by I walk in and once again  cans all knocked over  Lube Tubes all over floor and all the poison I put down gone it had been consumed. It was then I found when I walked back to little repair shop  that ceiling tiles had fallen and there I found several dead squirrels from Rat and Mouse Poison I had put down.
Apparently they had been living in the building all winter having got in thru a missing vent in attic.
thats why there was no prints in snow. 

OK case solved not a rouge employee or a poltergeist but squirrels. So just to be sure I brought the bitten tubes home put them in back yard where I feed a dozen  squirrels and sure enough they where immediately after them.  I have contacted the manufacturer who finds whole thing amusing but they can not answer why they are attracted to product as nothing of a food consumable  is in product.