Story behind those unused ramps along I 79 North at Moraine State Park. and how State Taxpayers money was wasted

As you drive north on Interstate 79 in Butler County and approach  Moraine State Park you will see what looks like an off and on ramp which was never completed along the road..
But back in the 1970s they where actually used for a special purpose which was later roundly criticized that Pa. State money was spent for the purpose.

The reason the ramps where built was for the 2  week long National BSA Jamborees.  Once in 1973 and the other in 1977 I was just a first year scout in 73 when my mom took my brothers and couple neighbor kids all in scouting for a day trip to the 1973 Jamboree it was a great experience  and again in 1977 as a member of BSA camp Semiconon  Staff we went over for an evening show.

But I never got to attend a whole week due to extreme costs for a working class kid I even volunteered to work the entire week in 1977 but BSA insist even volunteers pay the full amount which back then was almost $600.00 for the week which was considerable. Back then at minimum wage I was making $1.85  an hour In fact when a storm came thru and knocked down electric wiring and other things in the camp sites at the jamboree the jamboree had the nerve to call the ranger at Camp Semiconon and ask for help from any trades people camping or on staff  there to please come help reset up the jamboree campsites Ranger Joe told them to go to hell.

The State of Pa. paid for the ramps and for the amphitheater and other items in the park to only ever be used by the Scouts which is why it was widely criticized in the Pittsburgh Press and Post Gazette.
 And they where right for so criticizing it. The park was pretty much off limits to the public most of the time including the fact all the time it was being set up torn down areas where off limits as well.
Something no other organization has ever been granted before or after and the amphitheater sits unused to this day.

The Jamboree now has a permanent home in Fayetteville W.Va.  but for many years it was all over the eastern part of the united states being held every 4 years . The most recent was this year.