A Secret hidden Tank Farm in Beaver County ? Yes during WWII to hide it from the Nazis

Legend say there was a hidden tank farm in beaver county tanks you say like Sherman Fighting Tanks?
No not those kind of tanks but Fuel tanks for Gasoline and Aviation Fuel .

Worried first of all about sabotage but mostly aerial bombardment  The Federal government put a large group of 6 tanks underground where they could not be easily found in Potter twp enough to hold 10 million gallons as a strategic holding point for the East Coast.

1 of 6 tanks  removed

But after 70+ years of sitting there and the environmental hazard they pose it was time to unveil them and remove them and reclaim the ground  for use as a park 

With all the factory's  and mills in the region this was the perfect place to keep strategic reserves 

There was also at one time in Elizabeth Pa. area a strategic storage of minerals for the mills as well. but it was all above ground .