The Coal Miners Report an unusual and long running West Virginia Radio Tradition .

If you listen to WWVA-1170 in Wheeling W.V.  4 times  a day for many decades there is the Coal miners Working Report.

it goes something like this.
  "Your Attention please The following is the  3 PM miners  report  of  mines working in the Ohio Valley area. Brought to you by your local coal mine company's .

Powhatan 1# and 2# mine will work
Eagle mine 1# will not work mine  2 #and 3# will work
 Edger mine  1# will not work processing plant is working.
 Consol Mine 1 #and 2# will work

Thank you this has been the coal miners report next report at 3PM

In days past the reports could go on for a full  2 minutes  and it was a very important tradition because unlike other jobs in W.V. miners did not always report for every shift do to conditions in the mines and the demand for the  coal , and the quickest and fastest way to let them know not to leave home and either start walking ,take the trolley or driving etc to the mine was the miners report .
Because many miners did not even have phones back in the day so this was their only means of knowing to report to work or not ..
. In Fact Unions demanded these reports for miners often in their contracts and it was very good source of income for AM radio stations that played the report. One station reportedly had one million in billings to make these reports which it was critical they got the report right or you had miners showing up demanding to be paid.
One DJ told me he got into big trouble one night when he put the report out wrong in the 80s one time 

Unfortunately with mining in decline not as many stations still do the reports but it was one of those great radio traditions to serve the community. and fun to listen to when you where a kid  I remember many times when our family would pile in the car for a road trip in 60s  on a Sunday and go around West Virginia and hearing these reports.